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US Presidential Elections 2020

The US Presidential Elections 2020 is the talk of the world now. There's no newspaper, no media joint, no news/current affairs website that's not discussing this, and hence, here we are – jumping on the same bandwagon. So, before we dive in head first into the intricacies of the US' precarious political position and stance in the already wretched, bad luck-stricken year of 2020, let's go over some of the very basic facts.

  • There's less than three months left to the 59th quadrennial US Presidential election. The decided date is 3rd November, 2020.
  • The current American President, Mr. Donald Trump is defending his office against former Vice-President and Democrat, Joe Biden and his accomplice, Kamala Harris.
  • If Biden is elected as President, Harris will assume responsibility of Vice-President.
US Presidential Elections 2020

It is expected, that soon after Biden's term, Harris may be the first woman President of the States. In coming years, that may as well be one of the most empowering and liberating achievements for women all over the world (taking into account the massive impact any American decision has on the rest of the world). On the other hand, it may be safe to say that despite having a fixed, rock solid part of the population on his side, rooting for him through thick and thin, Trump has disappointed a sizeable portion of the demography with his actions, or his lack of desirable actions in his past term. We'll get into the details and justifications of the above, shortly. Just check out the sections below:

Joe Biden and Donald Trump