What Donald Trump Brings to the table

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What Trump Brings To The Table For The Election 2020

In 2016, almost all pollsters confidently assured Hillary’s win. However, Mr. Donald Trump triumphed. This is because, Trump’s ideologies resonate with majority of the White Americans, who equate exclusivity with nationalism. Trump promises rightly deserved privileges and birth rights for the Americans, and prioritises the people of his own nation above most other things. One of his landmark sermons which struck a chord with of America was, “America for Americans”.

Contrary to the average Democrats’ arguments, Trump does bring a lot more to the table than just the occasional misdemeanour and controversial tweeting. Enumerating some of his key points of power would be citing the following:

  • Trump puts the American citizen first.
  • He ensures job security and makes sure that people of any other nationality do not get preference over an American in the United States of America.
  • Trump is dedicated in making America a safer place to live in, hence, closing the borders, building the walls. His only concern is to keep illegal immigrants and terrorists away, and he is willing to take all the necessary precautions to do that.
  • He is particularly adept at handling the American economy.
  • Trump is unafraidof all other political and economic powers of the world.

Needless to say, after the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, there is not one afflicted nation who is not displeased with China. Whereas most of these nations wouldn’t dare to take a stand against the Chinese on their own – owing to China’s global control over and manufacture of trade goods and products, Trump is unafraid in writing China off for good. This may start with banning Chinese software, applications, brands and may eventually result in completelysevered ties with the country. This promise, which is very likely to materialize, gives the citizens a sense of belonging, knowing that there is a strong leader to stand up for them, to channel their anger into something fruitful. We must remember that human beings are heavily swayed by emotion and if Trump can correctly capitalize on that front, and deliver what he promises, no mock poll can stand their ground in opposition.

Donald Trump

Coming to economy, up until now, America has not faced the brunt of COVID-19, like most of the world. Although, a dip in the economic conditions is expected in the future, it is not until next year; hence, giving Trump ample time to play this aspect to his favour till the elections in November. The stock market is also doing quite well currently, and unless there is a very major and very unlikely dip in Wall Street in the next two months, it may be safe to say that Trump has got a considerable amount of the fort secured.

In his term as President of the United States, Trump has taken a very bold step. One that no former President has while holding office. Trump has publicly denounced the States’ ties with terror generating nations like Pakistan, Iran; and befriended politically neutral nations like India.

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