What Biden Brings to the table

Bidan and Trump

What Biden Brings To The Table For The Election 2020

According to most mock polls conducted across the country, Biden seems to be the popular choice. His stances on most issues are the stark opposite to that of Trump, and that is possibly the reason for his popularity. The educated mass, the liberal mass, the people who recognize right from wrong, prioritize being humane and inclusive, all seemingly support Biden and his ideologies. Kamala Harris also brings her share of a fan base to the Democrats contesting this election. Following are some of Biden's outlooks on some stances:

  • When it comes to economy, Biden's main concern is tending to the middle class. Biden is aiming to get a $15 hourly wage at least, expanding accessibility to affordable education and wants to make community college free.
  • To students, Biden is like a ray of light in the dark. This is because, he promises to cut down on the student loan obligations, waiving off at least $10,000 per year.
  • The future education plan proposed by him also focuses on expanding and increasing funding of schools and colleges in lower income areas.
  • Biden's healthcare plan further expands and increases the Obamacare's subsidies. This makes private insurances a lot more affordable and viable to the commoners.

Biden's most highlighted ideal is that regarding immigrants. He supports citizenship for immigrants even in the case of an absence of documents. Biden seeks to provide a more accepting and inclusive environment for America and the ones who seek an asylum in the land of opportunities. Although, crossing the border without documents will be decriminalized in Biden's term, it is imperative that the potential immigrants have no criminal records in the past.

Joe Bidan

From what is evident, Trump v/s Biden is going to be a fight, and a neck to neck one at that. Evidently, both contestants have some aces up their sleeves that they will surprise us within the next two months, and needless to say, we're all waiting on it, excitedly. Here's hoping that the best, most politically and morally correct candidate wins.

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