Poll Results and Consequent Predictions by Media Houses

Bidan and Trump

Poll Results and Consequent Predictions for US Elections 2020

Polls are being conducted pan-America, with all the states taken into consideration, and from what is blatantly evident, Biden seems to be the preference. Even in key battleground, previously confused states, where Trump only won by the margin of a hair in 2016 (e.g.: Wisconsin), Biden seems to have at least a few yards worth of preference (e.g.; a 6 point lead in Wisconsin, & a 7 point lead in Florida).

That being said, a considerable amount of Trump’s supporters and alleged fanbase, are devoted to Trump, and it is unlikely that they would choose a Democrat over their 2016 elected Republican. For instance, in Arizona, Biden has a very thin and uncertain lead – and expectedly so, as in the last 70 years, Arizona only ever voted for a Democratic, once. Texas too, is a predominantly Republican state, hence, houses a large number of loyal Trump supporters – a cut-throat (with hopefully no allusion to the gruesome Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and riveting competition is expected in this state, in November.

A Graphical Representation to the National Polls

Source: https://ig.ft.com/us-election-2020/

A Graphical Representation to the US National Polls 2020

Lines: Weighted Averages

Points: Polls (%)

Poll percentage

However, please note that most media houses like to keep their content sensational, in the zest of which they frequently go overboard.

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