Happy Birthday Wishes for Her

Birthdays are special occassions, but they are all the more unique when the birthday person is a special one for you. If you have a friend, sister or a cousin who is going to have a birthday in the coming days, send her this cute birthday wish and tell why she is special to you. But keep in mind that this special greeting is a combination of mush and mirth and is to be enjoyed only by women who don't mind a laugh at their own expense. Send it only if you are sure that your birthday person matches the criteria. Have a great time!

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Why you are so special?

 happy birthday


• You sense the feelings behind my words.

• You try to act so 'don't-give-a-damn' when guys are looking at you.

• You are so honest and have no pretensions.

• You are so generous when I am in need of money.


• You pretend I'm acting intelligently when I am just making a big fool of myself.

• You continue to enjoy my stale jokes.

• You like me for what I am.

• You take a furtive glance at every handsome hunk and secretly gauge his desirability.

• You make me smile when I'm having a very bad day.


• You take a look at every shop window to check whether your hair looks alright.

• You are the one I can depend on when my world is falling apart.

• You realize that sending you a gift is not easy in these hard times.

• You are there when anyone needs you.

• You are the one to smile the brightest on your birthday.

• You are an inspiration for me.

• You hide your age like it is some national secret.

• You are my friend.

Birthday wishes for her

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