Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Planning a perfect birthday party can be a cause of headache, if not planned well in advanced. Taking preparation for a perfect birthday party is in your hand but don’t worry we are here to make your job easier. Check out and follow the following check list for an eventful celebration on your birthday.

Birthday Party Planner

1 Month before the party
Make sure to select the best time for the party on that particular day.
Enlist the names of the probable guests and count the actual number.
Making a checklist of telephone numbers of the guests is must.
Where do you want to throw the party at? Book an outdoor venue if required at all.
For a delightful party select an apt party theme.
Set a budget well in advance.
Plan about party activities.
Decide on menu and food supplier.
2-3 weeks before the party
After you are sure about the guest list, send invitation to each one of them.
Primarily plan about the outfit.
Make sure about the special kind of cake you want on that day.
A well thought out plan for decoration and return gifts would make the party successful.
Select 2/3 party games for the special day.
Submit a leave application to your office for that day if you are working.
Think and decide the names of some of your friends and relatives who can help you out to arrange activities on the birthday.
1 week before the party
Count the number of guests finally.
Book the place and food supplier and confirm them about the event.
Arrange return gifts and label them.
Check if any food can be made well in advance.
Check whether your camcorder and memory sticks are functioning properly.
Pick the appropriate music that would be played on the special day.
Purchase gifts for the birthday boy/girl.
Check the list of party activities and jot them down finally.
For safety get a first aid box ready.
A surprise visit at the party venue would assist you to find peace of mind.
One day ahead
Fetch the cake from the bakery and decorate it.
Get candles and matches ready for the day.
Start decorating the party area.
Set up chairs and tables.
Beverages and ice should be bought at least one day before the actual birthday.
Prepare the food which can easily be preserved and made ahead of time.
Finally! The day of party
To remember the day for a long time and make this day a special one, take a lot of snaps.
If you wish, then you can get up early and start the day visiting a temple or church or an orphanage.
Get ready to welcome guests and start preparing the foods and refreshments.
Keep important accessories ready.
Ask someone to stay right at the entrance to welcome and greet guests with a broad smile.
Pick up balloons.
Give a call to the food supplier and make sure that everything is just perfect.
Remember to take a nap at the end of the party and don’t forget to plan for it as well.

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