Adults and Senior Birthday Party Themes

Birthdays are are one of the most memorable events for us. So make them precious, to be cherished and treasured. And what else than blasting parties can help them turn real great? Especially if the parties are laid with nice themes in sync with the true spirit. While kid's are blessed with themes galore, the adults are often left biting their nails for a theme that rhymes with the celebration of reaching a milestone age. Well, for many of us reaching those milestone ages, say 30, 40, 50, or 75, and beyond...Here we go:

Birthday Party Themes

"Reliving the good ol' days" is a great theme for any adult birthday party celebration. And it can be a nice journey to the childhood and back to adulthood through pieces of memory. Remember one thing while the spirit is of reliving the old days, don't let any of the theme turn aging. No you need not regain the surge of the bubbly childhood to celebrate those overzealous days. Just create the ambience of yore that will relive the past, and let you unwind yourself. And have a happy journey down the memory lane. For instance, surprise parties are always an option, as they may not be expected at this age and bring the most fun to everyone.

Two kids enjoying birthday party

Melting pot of memories:

For getting started, as you invite your co-workers past and the ex-ones, contact old friends from the high school and if possible junior school too, college roommates, find out one of your favorite teachers of your college or if possible from your junior school. Old teachers can always add a magical touch to these parties. Especially when they churn out those funny stories of your mischief and misdeeds. They can be great fun in the presence of your old time and recent friends. The good old loving aunts or uncles of your neighborhood where you'd grown up are also great in these parties. Make the person sit on a higher platform while the rest should squat on the floor. Ask them to tell tales of those old days. Serve them old time favorite foods. Deck the party with plenty of colorful candles.

Whatever you decide upon, it's bound to turn an age-old event into a celebration of a lifetime.

Confluence of time:

This one is also a great idea in line with the former one. The implication of this is make the party appear like a confluence of times which flow like rivers. Make sure to include representatives of the past, present and future days. It suits even the 75 and older people.

It's nice to make it a no-age-bar party. Invite families & friends who had once been or are of significance to you.

Barbeques of buffets move more in sync with these parties than formal sit-in dinners. Make special arrangements for any one of ripe old age. Make him or her relax on a wheel chair at the hub of the party while the tots are engaged in playing around. Arrange some activity that introduces each one with each other. Like arrange for a song where each of the participants will have a voice. Ask the oldest of all to lead the song followed by the youngest(s) of the lot. Meanwhile the rest will join the chorus. What a confluence!

It surely turns out to be a lovely memorable day for all the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Old time Costume Party:

Yet another nice idea for celebrating a milestone birthday. Say, a Renaissance/Medieval costume party. It sort of adds to the ambience of the aging theme.

Bring in the feel right through the invitation card. Old chateu, castle, frozen frames out of old movie hits - anything will do.

Leave the decision entirely on the guests, while the birthdayer may pick up the costume of a queen or king. Have the guests come up with costumes for characters that used to deck a king's courtyard.

Let the guest of honor dress as the knight in shining armor for the party. Decorate the area with paper swords, shields, castle backgrounds, gold, and black tableware, decoration, and balloons.

Serve finger foods only at this kind of party, flatware were not as common during this era.

Set the table with plastic goblets for serving drinks and serve or cranberry juice for the toast. Lace doilies, elaborate settings, and plenty of candles will give the room the deserving dramatic effect.

Surprise with secrets:

Nice for the elderly people. Keep the plan of the birthday a secret to the person whose b'day is going to be celebrated. Hide the entire family and special gifts away from the celebrant. Customize the cake and the gifts by writing the name of the person on them. Get everybody and everything ready beforehand.

When the time comes for the party to start take the birthdayer by surprise. Stash all the members in the party room. And close its door. Then lead the birthdayer to the closed door and give a rap on it. As everyone inside bursts out "Happy birthday to you". Push the door open to let her or him in for the real surprise.

Or you may keep all the presents stashed up in a closed room and lead the person inside for a surprise. Gather all the members outside. When she or he comes out of the room let everybody greet her or him with a wish. What a surprise! Ask her or his old favorite dish and do it for her or him. Let everybody share it from his or hand. And deck the party room or lounge with symbol(s) that represents her/him the best. Like the pair of knitting sticks that she loved to use, or an old typewriter that she or he used to work with, or a golf stick he used to play with, and so forth. You can also decor the room with old vinyl discs records featuring hits of oldies. And play the old numbers favorite of her/his time. Everybody will love to see how it sets the person's feet tapping.

Even if you've never thrown a surprise or adult birthday party for someone before, ask around for suggestions and ideas. Better yet, think back to parties you've attended before remembering what you liked (or didn't like).

Well, ideas never end. So, as they hit upon you, please keep them pouring at, and let everyone benefit from them.

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