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20 Famous Kolkata Durga Puja You Shoild Not Miss To Visit!

The surge has just started. The Durga Puja Festival in Kolkata is currently simply an issue of few days and one can without much of a stretch find the bubbly disposition among the Bengalis. It's about a mass accumulate, when the BONGS from various parts of the world travel to rejoin with their family and companions… erupting the euphoric inclination. It's the time when you see the city in dynamic hues, where even the darkest corner gleams up with shining lights. Further, it is a party that unfurls the deep rooted convention and culture and conversely it is the time when you can get hold of individuals in customary wears. Amid the Durga Puja Festival the city detonates with in excess of thousand topical and beautiful pandals and uncovers a few types of goddess Durga symbols, in this manner pulling in an enormous number of groups and making it one of the greatest pre-winter celebrations on the planet. This article gives you a look at top 20 pandals that you should visit amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata.

Kumartuli Park

Kumartuli park durga puja

One of the noticeable Durgatsab in Kolkata that is held in North Kolkata, near Sovabazar Ferry, the Kumartuli Park Durgatsab features a combination of antiquated glory and workmanship. Despite the fact that the Kumartuli Park Durgatsab board of trustees will this year commend its multi year, making it one of the most youthful pujas in Kolkata, its style of design that shows each part of conventional Indian culture draws enormous groups from various parts of the city. The Kumartuli Park Durgatsab board of trustees figures out how to safeguard its social and social milieu being in one of the most seasoned areas of Kolkata and home to many craftsmans. Kumartuli, with its tight labyrinth of paths and rear ways, is a settlement of several potters/craftsmans who gain their work by chiseling icons for the different celebrations. Further, it is to be noticed that, icons of goddess Durga and different gods etched by the potters of Kumartuli are likewise sent out to Canada, US, UK and South East Asian nations for the Durga Puja Festival.

Nearest Metro Station: Sovabazar

kumartuli durga puja

Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab

Ahritola durga puja

Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsav Close to Kumartuli Park is another prominent Durgatsab in Kolkata, the Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab, which will praise its 76th year in 2015. It is to be noticed that the Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab is one of the "baroari composes Durga puja" and is pioneer in the field of sorting out Durga Puja celebration, getting a conventional and melodic party. Being one of the legacy samity (board of trustees) since 1940, the Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab figures out how to pull in individuals from various cross-segments trying to investigate the mix of topical and vivid pandal structure and particular style of goddess Durga symbol and different gods. It likewise sorts out different melodic and move programs – established and western, and furthermore partakes in social exercises like arranging Blood Donation Camp, Health Camp, Eye Cure Camp, Free Distribution of Medicine, Free Distribution of Books and contributes liberally in Minister's Relief Fund when the circumstance emerges. Further, on the off chance that you are eager about the customary beat of Dhaki then simply bounce into Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab. Throughout the years, the Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab Samity has won a few honors in the class of best Dhaki and other absolute honors by Asian Paints Sharod Samman, Zee Bangla, Karukrit, Anandabazar and Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Nearest Metro Station: Sovabazar

Ahritola durga puja

Telengabagan Sarbojanin Durgatsab

Telengabagan durga puja

Telengabagan Sarbajanin Durgatsab Keeping on to the Arabinda Sarani that interfaces the Ultadanga Main Road, from Ahritola Sarbajanin Durgatsab now we head towards the Telengabagan Sarbojanin Durgatsab, which will commend its 50th year in 2015. Throughout the years the Telengabagan Sarbajanin Durgatsab samity has endeavored to bring a trenchant part of Indian history and culture through its naturally outlined pandals, inside works and diverse types of goddess Durga and different gods etched unmistakably. Consistently the Telengabagan Sarbajanin Durgatsab samity has figured out how to get a few honors in various classifications and in this way rose as one of the must visit Durgatsab in Kolkata.

Closest Metro Station: Belgachia

telengabagan durga puja

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha

Dum dum park tarun sangha durga puja

On the off chance that one needs to see the enchantment of sheer inventiveness and social concern then Dum Park Tarun Sangha Durga Puja is an unquestionable requirement visit amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata. An assortment of subjects and theoretical type of craftsmanship erupts each year that has figured out how to grab the brain of guests and treat their eyes with energetic hues. As per Dum Park Tarun Sangha Durga Puja samity… shading upgrades the merry state of mind and thus their most imperative adornment for Puja Pandal is the show of splendid hues. In addition, they additionally bring off a particular type of goddess Durga symbol that hold a standing out element from the topical and beautiful atmosphere. The Dum Park Tarun Sangha Durga Puja samity will commend its 30th year in 2015 and clearly, similar to each year… it will concoct a promising and brilliant subject, subsequently be prepared to observe an expanding number of groups.

Closest Metro Station: Belgachia

dum dum tarun sangha durga puja

Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda

Lake town adhibasi brinda durga puja

Lake town adhibasi brinda Bringing up an unattractive situation through a renowned subject, the Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda Durgatsab is altogether adapted to praise its 53rdyear 2015. It is yet another baroari compose Durga Pujathat was started in the year 1963 by the occupants of this territory. Rather than other prevalent Durga puja pandals in Kolkata, the Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda Durgatsab does not go for immense counterfeit structures. Still the compositional work keeps up topics like social mindfulness, journey, provincial and current occasions alongside a particular and customary type of goddess Durga symbol. The samity for a considerable length of time has protected its social and social side taking part in the support of parks for youngsters. The individuals additionally sort out social projects like melody, move, show and recitation. During the time they organize blood gift camps, wellbeing check up, and give money related help to poor people.

Closest Metro Station: Belgachia

Lake town adhibasi durga puja

Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durga Puja

Sikar bagan sadharan durga puja

Sikdar bagan durgatsab Right away you are in one of the most established Durga Puja in Kolkata, the Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durga Puja, which was begun in 1913 and will praise its 102 years, this 2015. The Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durga Puja offers a special dosage of culture and extremely old custom that one can without much of a stretch notice in its different type of goddess Durga icon consistently. The real fascination of Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durga Puja remains the pratima herself (icon of goddess Durga) as the samity guides much thoughtfulness regarding demonstrate their ability and inventiveness on the figure of goddess Durga. Because of deficiency of room, the samity attempts to keep the pandal structure basic… yet enough to make a dynamic climate with embellishing lights and keen inside works. The Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durga Puja, since the most recent decade, has succeeded as one of the noticeable Durgatsab in Kolkata… which is justified regardless of a visit.

Closest Metro Station: Shyam Bazar

sikar bagan durga puja

Nalin Sarkar Street Sarbojanin Durgatsab

Nalin sarkar street sarbojanin durga puja

Nalin sarkar road Stepping onto the multi year… Nalin Sarkar Street Sarbojanin Durgatsab has sprung up traditionally in the opposition over 10 years. Their topic more often than not relates amongst nature and legacy and their whole pandal and the symbol of the Goddesses are comprised of grouped stoneware work… that remaining parts the real fascination. Consistently the samity attempts to maintain the effortlessness of Maa Durga's golden calf, which adds brilliance to the bright and masterful feel. Near Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durgatsad and other prevalent Durga Pujas in North Kolkata… the Nailn Sarkar Street Sarbojanin Durgatsab is an absolute necessity visit amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata. The samity, despite the fact that ailing in space, left with a few honors including the Best Artisan grant by Asian Paints Sharad Samman in the year 2004, 2006 and 2010.

Closest Metro Station: Shyam Bazar

nalin sarkar street durga puja pandal

Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja

Md ali park durga puja

Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja One of the prominent Durga Pujas of North Kolkata that one must visit is the Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja that is held each year and features glorious engineering. Since its beginning the Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja samity has attempted to draw out a few reproductions of landmarks – investigated and unexplored – from everywhere throughout the world… and diorama of antiquated writing. The samity, despite the fact that it takes after the changing pattern of design and style, has safeguarded its deep rooted culture and custom, which reflects through the imaginative work. The inside and outside beautification of the Pandal that points of interest the subject is dependably a treat to the eye. The scene additionally includes a straightforward brightening yet the whole stop zone decks up with astonishing and vivid lightings. The Mohammad Ali Durga Puja Samity has won a few honors in various classifications and subsequently it is likewise considered as one of the lofty Durga Puja in Kolkata.

Closest Metro Station: Mahatma Gandhi Road

 mohammad ali park durga puja pandal

Maniktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja

maniktala chaltabagan lohapatty durga puja

Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty durga puja Now into its multi year, the Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja has sacked heap of distinctions and honors in different classifications like Best Puja in the year 1997 and Best Artisan in the year 2002 by Asian Paints Sharad Samman. It is yet another esteemed Durga Puja in Kolkata that was begun in the year 1943 when a youthful, decided kid (the originator president Shri Lakhi Chand Jaiswal and now a 87 years elderly person)dreamt of observing Durga Puja at his region. As years passed and endeavors increased… the Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja saw a mass assembling on its Golden Jubilee Year in 1992 and thereupon the fever began since 2006. The samity throughout the years has kept up its convention of making an unmistakable domain amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata… bashing the merry disposition with Dhaki rivalry, Dhunuchi move and Sindoor khela.

Closest Metro Station: Girish Park

maniktala chaltabagan durga puja pandal

Ekdalia Evergreen Club

ekdalia evergreen club durga puja

Ekdalia evergreen durga puja They keep it straightforward yet make it worth visiting each year… the inside and outside work of the pandal basically raises the old types of workmanship and reproductions of world legacy locales. Likely in 2011 the Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durgatsab Samity spoke to a topic in view of a German town, in 2012 they raised the Golden Temple in Vellore and in 2013 they kept it straightforward in light of a conventional Indian sanctuary. Be that as it may, the most fascinating part of Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durgatsab is that they protect their well established type of customary Durga pratima… which denotes a particular element from some other noted Durga Puja in Kolkata. This year the Ekdalia Evergreen Club will commend its multi year erupting the merry mind-set with customary hues and music and lightings.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

ekdalia evergreen durga puja pandal

Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durgatsab

Singhi park durga puja

Singhi stop durgatsab Close to the Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durgatsab, near gariahat stands one of the legacy Durga pujas in Kolkata, the Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durgatsab which has maintained the conventional method for adoring the goddess Durga in this manner cutting its own particular character. The historical backdrop of Singhi Park Durga Puja goes back to 1941 and it will be a pleased event when it slices the lace to stamp the 74th year of Durga Puja festivity in 2015. The relationship throughout the years has dependably concocted creative pandal structures while protecting its lighting from Chandannagore and customary akchala pratima design. The Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durgatsab has so far packed away a few honors in various classes and therefore it is one of the must visit pandals amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

 singhi park durga puja pandal

Mudiali Club

mudiali club durga puja

Mudiali durga puja Stepping into its multi year this 2015, the Mudiali Club Durgatsab is yet another prevalent baroari Durga puja in South Kolkata; it has the refinement of winning the Asian Paints Sharad Samman Best Puja grants in the year 1988, 1990, 1992 and 1994. The board of trustees guarantees that the charm of the puja stays undiminished and a perfect euphoric atmosphere with conventional type of goddess Durga icon, inventive pandal structure delineating social causes, current occasions, legacy OR old stories sprouting with striking hues and characteristic stylistic layout. In the year 2005 it unfurled the Mukteshwar Temple of Orissa that was comprised of shola, in 2006 a nonexistent outlined Zamindar's Rajbari, in 2007 rustic Bengal that was trailed by a fanciful sanctuary plan in 2008. In the year 2009… they thought of a sand stone sanctuary, trailed by another sanctuary outline in 2010. In 2011… "The Light of Life that Wires Bind, Will Shun The Darkness in our Mind" topic portrayed the world shabbier towards machine and innovation and in 2012 they unfurled a conventional type of goddess Durga attired in gold. 2022 promises to bring in new surprises.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

mudiali club durga puja pandal

Tridhara Sammilani

Tridhara durga puja

Tridhara Sammilani At the gathering purpose of three streets Rashbehari Avenue, Monoher Pukur Road, and Mahanirban Road stands another prevalent Durgatsab in South Kolkata, the Tridhara Sammilani Durgatsab. Be that as it may, as the internal importance goes it is the remarkable converging of the musings of the three ages The Seniors, The Present and The Future Youth. It is additionally the combination ground of Tradition, Culture and Social Activity. Started in 1947 of every a plain and calm feeling… today it sees lakhs of guests. Consistently the council centers around imaginative and creative pandals and the excursion presented a customary Terracota style of Bishnupur in 2007, reproduction of the Mantrasala of the Padmanabhapuram Palace of Kerala in 2008, copy of the Yaksheshwar Mahadev Temple in 2009, 'Brahmo' in 2010 and a Rajasthani haveli in 2011. It is along these lines one of the must visit Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

tridhara durga puja pandal

Shib Mandir Sarbojanin Durgatsab

Shib mandir durga puja

Shib mandir durga puja One of the unmistakable Durgatsab in Kolkata is the Shib Mandir Sarbajanin Durgatsab that sees the most elevated number of groups each year. Started in the year 1936… amid its long walk towards 2015, it has packed away various honors in various classifications including the Asian Paints Sharod Sanman. Since 1999 the Shib Mandir Sarbajanin Durgatsab has risen with a few ideas. It unfurled the copy of earthenware craft of Bisnupur in 1999, Maluti gram in 2000, Lord Buddha in 2001, 64-Jogini sanctuary of Hirapur at Bhubaneswar in 2002, a bright Monestry of slopes in West Bengal in 2003, "Bankim bhabnay Saktipuja" in 2004, "Jogsadhanar parnakutir"in 2005, Durgapuja-sekaal theke ekaal in 2006 and 'kalchakra-atiter revamp' in 2007. In 2008 they have anticipated the movement of Debi Durga – 'Rupe Gune Durga'and in 2009 it was again an awesome achievement utilizing banana skin and banana fiber as method of enhancement. In 2010, Shibmandir caught the three manifestations of Mother Sakti – maker, preserver, and destructor. Their subject depended on "Spare Tree, Save Environment."

Closest Metro Station: Rabindra Sarovar

shib mandir durga puja pandal

Bosepukur Sitala Mandir

bosepukur sitala mandir durga puja

Bosepukur sitala mandir Yet another multi-grant winning Durgatsab in Kolkata is the Bosepukur Sitala Mandir that regularly portrays the country picture of West Bengal in its topical structure. It is one of the must visit Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata that will praise its 66thyear of every 2015.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

bosepukur durga puja pandal

Naktala Udayan Sangha

naktala udayan sangha durga puja

Naktala uayan sangha Innovative, inventive and clear are components that make the Naktala Udayan Sangha extraordinary compared to other Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata. It shows the difficulty in straightforwardness, through its unmistakable pandal design each year and raises an unconcerned type of goddess Durga icon. Inagurated in the year 1950… the Naktala Udayan Sangha gradually developed as a baroari Durga Puja in South Kolkata and it came in the media features in 2003 when it turned up its unattractive feeling to topical. The "PROJAPATI AI RONG MELE PAKHNA : Butterfly – Color of Life" subject in 2012 set another measurement of craftsmanship in the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata that earned innumerable honors.

Closest Metro Station: Gitanjali (Naktala territory)

naktala udayan sngha durga puja pandal

Babu Bagan Club Sarbojanin Durga Puja

babubagan club durga puja

Babubagan Whenever it appears at the season of the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata it makes an amazing history with its great copy of legacy destinations, old sanctuaries, structures and towns. The Babu Bagan Club Sarbojanin Durga Puja is one of the well known Durga Pujas in South Kolkata, which stands near Jadavpur Thana. It pulls in a tremendous group each year. Started in the year 1962 and converging in its multi year… the voyage has been compensating as it has gotten a few honors including the Best Puja by Asian Paints Sharad Samman.

Closest Metro Station: Rabindra Sarovar

babubagan durga puja pandal

Badamtala Ashar Sangha

badamtala ashar sangha durga puja

badamtala ashar sangha With remaining more than 76 years, the Badamtala Ashar Sangha remains as a cherished memory to people. From straightforwardness… the trip has seen the Samity win a few honors and the inventive magnificence grant by Asian Paints in 2010 was an astounding break. Badamtala Ashar Sangha is presently one of only a handful couple of durga pujas of kolkata which has gradually and relentlessly made a changeless place in the hearts of millions.

Closest Metro Station: Kalighat

badamtala durga puja pandal

Suruchi Sangha

suruchi sangha durga puja

Suruchi sangha Suruchi Sangha engages guests with a social spectacle and open air show, themed on an alternate territory of India every year. The Durga symbols are demonstrated on what they look like in each state. In spite of the fact that this puja pandal is over 50 years of age, it first discovered notoriety in 2003 when it won a honor for the best adorned pandal. It won the honor again in 2009. The fine art is dazzling.

Closest Metro Station: Rabindra Sarovar

suruchi sangha durga puja pandal

Jodhpur Park

jodhpur park durga puja

Jodhpur Park durga puja pandal is a standout amongst the most famous pandals in south Kolkata. Its topics have been huge and fluctuated, with it being more customary in a few years than others.

Closest Metro Station: Rabindra Sarovar

jodhpur park durga puja pandal

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