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Durga Puja without Bengalis sounds so incomplete. It’s the Bengali community that adds additional flavor to this puja with their exceptional vibrancy and colors. It is the soul Bengali festival for which every Bengali souls squirms for. Thus it is the annual festival that allows almost every Bengali to show their fashion and as well flaunt out their own personalised styles. And what attracts most about this festival is the costume and attire which every soul can flaunt. In a way Durga Puja thus paves a way to a grand fashion fiesta. So what’s your fashion for this year Durga Puja? Check out the latest fashion trend this and shop accordingly so that you don’t go out of the league.

Since this festival is full of traditions, so your attires need to have a touch of tradition but that doesn’t mean that will be devoid of style and look outmoded. So check the latest fashion trends of this season so as to make this year’s Puja brighter as well better.

Dressing trends for girls

Dressing trends for girls

Generally colourful shades are personal favorites of teenaged girls. So young girls out there can surely opt for vibrant colored Western outfits for they are very much in, this year. Low waist boot cut jeans and spaghetti will be at high demand. Flora embroidery, patterned jeans, leggings in cotton are also in high demands in this Durga Puja 2013.

The other form of outfits that young girls can opt are dresses like A-line tops, frocks with frills, shrugs in crochet, and tops with plunging necklines, a deep ‘V’ or a ‘U’ are in demand. Like every year Kurtis with zaris and resham can also work well in this year Durga Puja 2024.

Dressing trends for women

Dressing trends for women

Sarees are always the first preference amongst women during the time of Durga Puja. This year the style would not change for traditional sarees are always in. However it is to be seen whether the sarees are zari woven silk sarees or the traditional Bengal cotton sarees dominate the Durga Puja 2013 so far as fashion for women is concerned.

Just like the previous year, the anarkali salwars are very much in demand. So one can definately go it this year Durga puja. But to outshine from the rest make sure you accessorise your outfit with proper accessories and jewelleries. Thus this salwar will surely add tint of traditionalism.

Dressing trends for boys

Both full and half sleeve shirts are available in leading garment stores and these shirts will set the trends. Different design of pockets, different patch work, double pockets with design, tie print are in high demands just like the previous year. All the reputed and local garment companies are coming out with beautiful collections of stripes and checks. Thus Casual shirts both in checks and stripes are expected to dominate this year Durga puja. Thus young boys can surely opt for them pairing it perfectly with usual jeans. Tshirts are also considered to the personal favorite amongst boys of younger age. It definately adds a "yo" factor to the total style statement. So one can opt for self colored as well striped Tshirts for this year puja.

Dressing trends for men

The dressing trend for men almost remain the same every year during Durga Puja. However multi-colored shirts are expected to be vogue in this year puja but that does not do away with the regular self colored shirts. They can well be complemented well with well fitted jeans or formal trousers. Since last few years there is high demand for cotton shirts for men, for these shirts are used in all purpose.

Apart from these formal and casual looks, men do not lag behind when it is the matter of traditionalism. Kurta Pyjama or Churidar Kurta will also be in demand thus one can surely opt for, for the day of offering puja. Embroidered Dhoti-Panjabi is preferred by lot of Bengalis during Durga Puja days.

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