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South and North Durga Puja List and Durga Puja Guide map 2022

The festival of Durga puja renders Kolkata a glamorous look. Almost every nooks and corners of deck herself with puja pandals and various themed lights. In fact many puja associations of different localities arrange for grand decorations which without fails attracts tourist from worldwide. And if you are planning for a pandal hopping this time, be sure to go through this concise guide that will surely guide you through the lanes and help you reach the most famous pandals. So what are you waiting for Kolkatans? Get handy of some bandages (for they’ll be highly required for the famous shoe bites) and get started with the tour. And do not forget to carry this guide along with you. Happy pandal hopping!


While there are hundreds of pujas organized in Kolkata, most of the major ones can be clustered in a group. This planning can be majorly beneficial for you, saving you time, money and energy, coupled with the best experience. These charting of Durga Puja routes will help you, whether you are on foot or on wheels.

The best time to visit the pandals is very early in the morning, before dawn. If you can get ready and hit the streets within 3.30 am to 4am, you will have the best possible ambiance, weather, photography opportunities, and minimum crowd, for pandal hopping. Moreover, the parking restrictions, walking restrictions, long queues and the crowd are not there. Couple it with the cool weather and you will love the experience.

So if you can beat the laziness of waking up early and beat the tiredness of last evening's activity, do make it in the dawn for once at least.

Also, Bikes are the best vehicle to suit pandal hopping, as in the dawn, you can reach the pandal gates of most pujas if you are on a bike. There is also no parking problem, and less of walking, if you are on a bike.
Now, about the zones:

North Kolkata

Take a metro to Girish Park Metro Station and then follow this order:

1 Darpanarayan Street
2 Pathuriyaghata
3 Ahiritola
4 Beniyatola
5 Jagat Mukherjee park
6 Kumartuli park
7 Kumartuli sarbajanin
8 Bagbazar sarbajanin
9 Tala barowari
10 Tala protya

Now come to Shyambazar five point junction and go towards Hatibagan.

11 Sikdar bagan
12 Nabin pally
13 Nalin sarkar street
14 Hati bagan sarbajanin
15 Kashi bose lane

Now come to Khanna theatre crossing and go towards Kankurgachi.

16 Kakurgachi jubak brinda
17 Kakur gachi mitali
18 Beleghata 33 pally

From there go to Ultadanga

19 Ultadanga sangrami
20 Ultadanga pally sree
21 Golaghata sarbajanin

From there go to Lake Town

22 Sribhumi sporting
23 Laketown adibashi brinda
24 Lake town netaji sporting
25 Dumdum park
26 Bharat chakra
27 4 no tank
28 Dumdum park Jubak brinda
29 Dumdum tarun dal

Durga Puja Pandal at Central Kolkata

Now Baguihati

30 Prafullakanan

From there go to

31 Maniktala Chalta bagan loha potti
32 Vivekananda sporting
33 Simlya bayam samity

This will bring you back to Girish Park Metro Station.

Go to

34 Md.ali park.
35 College square
36 Santosh mitra square

South Kolkata

Start from Netaji Bhawan Metro

37 Bhawanipur 75 pally
38 Bhawanipur bakul bagan
39 Sadhin sangha
40 Abasar
41 Bhawanipur sarbajanin
42 Rupchand kundu lane
43 Madox square

Go to Rashbehari now

44 badamtala ashar sangha
45 66 pally
46 Nepal bhattacharya street
47 Chetla agrani

Back to Rashbehari

48 Mudiyali
49 Shib mandir

Take Lake side road and enter

50 Samajsebi
51 Ballygunge cultural
52 Tridhara
53 Desho priya park
54 Singhi park
55 Ekdaliya
56 Falguni sangha
57 Ballygunge 21 pally
58 Kasba
59 Bose pukur sitalamandir
60 Bose pukur Taltala
61 Raj danga naba udyan sangha

Durga Puja Pandal at South Kolkata Comeback to Gariahat and go towards Golpark

62 Babubagan
63 Selimpur pally
64 Jodhpur park
65 95 pally
66 Cross JU and go to Sulekha mor
67 Santoshpur trikon park
68 Santoshpur pally mangal samity
69 Santoshpur lake pally

Now take Bypass till Patuli

70 Patuli sarbajanin
71 Kanduya maytri
72 45B bus stand e patuli nogor brinda

Now go to Naktala through Garia

73 Naktala udyan sangha
74 Netaji jatiya seba dal

Go to Tollygunj mor

75 Tollygunj vivekananda sporting
76 Ajay shanghati
77 SB park thakurpukur
78 Barisha club
79 Behala friends
80 Behala tarun dal
81 Behala jubo maitri
82 Behala club.
83 Alipor sarbajanin
84 New alipore suruchi sangha
85 Buro shibtala

Now Khidderpore

86 25 pally
87 75 pally
88 Nabarag
89 Pally sharadiya
90 Jubak sangha
91 Kabitirtha

Missed in order

92 Park Circus
93 Entally Srbojonin
94 Adi Ballygaunge

Durga Puja Road Map of Kolkata 2022

Pedestrian Circulation Plan
Pedestrian Circulation Plan

(Santosh Mitra Square, Mohammad Ali Park, College Square and Sealdah Athletic Club, Subodh Mullick Square etc.)
North and Central Kolkata
North & Central Kolkata

(Bagbazar, Kumartuli Park, Telenga Bagan, Simla Bayam Samiti, Md Ali Park, College Square and Sealdah Athletic Club, Taltala etc.)
South and South-East Kolkata
South and South-East Kolkata

(Maddox Square, Singhi Park, Ekdalia Evergreen, Suruchi Sangha; Park Circus, Tridhara Sammilani, Chetla Agrani, Jodhpur Park etc.)
South Suburban and South West
South Suburban & South West

(Jadavpur Division and Behala Devision)
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