Stories on Durga Puja

Enjoy these stories on Devi Durga. These stories tell about the glory of Durga and Her kindness to Her worshippers. Enjoy these stories with the kids, for it will appeal maximum to them, and will help them to celebrate the festival even better. Click here to forward these stories to your friends

Durga Puja Stories

The power of the Mother Goddess is perhaps greater than that of any other god. She is even worshipped by all the gods themselves. She is Shakti- the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. She takes the form of their consorts , without whom, none of the gods can achieve anything. She is worshipped all over India with the same ardour under different names and manifestations- the most benign face of the goddess is Durga. The stories included here speaks about the mercy of Devi Durga on mere mortals. Told during the morning 'pujas', they have come down generation to generation and reflects some aspects of the ancient Hindu culture. So, here we begin the stories!

Devi Durga Stories

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