Best Durga Puja Themes in Kolkata 2023

With Kolkata Durga Puja being selected as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, the themes of different durga pujas have become all the more important. They have been the single most important reason for being huge crowd pullers, making it one of the most populous religious Hindu festival celebrations, around the world.

We at TheHolidaySpot, have done the hard work of letting you know about all the themes of the major pandals, in short, with small graphics and pictures. Browse through them yourself, or share this page with all your friends in whatsapp or facebook, so that everyone can decide on the route map.

Kolkata Puja Themes

Puja is a passion for the puja organizers, and there is healthy, but fierce competition among different puja pandals for securing the prizes. And all the prizes and popularity depend on the unique and novel theme presented by the different organizers.

You may also check our Puja Parikrama guide to make the most of your time, and plan your pandal hopping.

Presenting, the Durga Puja Themes of 2023, in Kolkata:

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