Have a quizy puja time

It's time you brush up your memories, or check out for yourself how much you really know. And you can really outwit the smartest of your friends with some questions which go in perfect sync with the Puja mood. If you are correct in the first try, then you will be credited with a point. If you not correct in the first try, then try out the other options to learn the correct answer. Anything above 12 points is good! Best of Luck!

Quiz for Durga Puja

correct on first try
1. Name the deity from whom Mahisashur, the demon received the boon of immortality?

2. Who was the first to address Narendranath Dutta as Swami Vivakananda?

3. Which of the Tagore's poems was translated from English to Bengali?

4. Who did guide the Mother Ganges to descend on earth?

5. What was the actual surname of the Tagore family?

6. Who was the pioneer of Baroari Puja in Calcutta?

7. On which day does the worship of Devi Durga begin?

8. What is the special name of the fortnight in which Durga Puja is celebrated?

9. When does Devipaksha begin?

10. When does Devipaksha end?

11. When is the Bodhan performed?

12. When is the 'Sandhi Puja' performed?

13. When is "Dushhera" observed?

14. Among the four children of Durga what does Ganesh represent?

15. What does Saraswati represent?

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