50 Things to do During Hajj

50 things to do during Hajj

50 things to do during hajj

  1. Smile.

  2. Greet strangers.

  3. Shake hand and ask about them.

  4. Buy a cup of tea for someone.

  5. Gift groceries to someone.

  6. Meet and greet a batch of people of other country.

  7. Carry luggage of an unknown.

  8. Guide an individual who is sick to sanatorium.

  9. Avoid hopeless and unproductive talk.

  10. Encourage others to recite talbiyah stridently.

  11. On the occasion of Eid, walk down to others and remind them about the essence of reciting talbiyah loudly.

  12. Collect stones for your fellow friends.

  13. Throw stones at target on behalf of unable Hajj pilgrims.

  14. Help pilgrims to the Jamarat.

  15. Expect nothing

  16. Help people to recall the lives of the Sahabah.

  17. Use tafseer to read Quran.

  18. Do the Dhikr in the evening and morning.

  19. Sajdah is important, make dua during Sajdah.

  20. Wait at a side of the gateway to offer water/tea to the pilgrims as they leave.

  21. Attend and concentrate on the reticent people in your group.

  22. Teach people about patience.

  23. Elucidate a Hajj Khutbah to the bunch of people around you.

  24. Clarify the essence of purifying the inner sole for the sake of Allah.

  25. Call up your relatives and close friends on Eid day all the way from Mecca.

  26. Make dua for the friends who are living at faraway places and are forgotten.

  27. Don’t let others fight in front of you during Hajj.

  28. Offer a shade to the people to sleep.

  29. During the heat, remember even a tougher situation of anguishing hellfire.

  30. Say the holy line 'Laa ilaaha illa Allah, wahdahu laa sharika lah, lahul Mulk wa lahul hamd, wa Huwa 'ala kulli shay'in Qadeer'

  31. Donate, especially to the sellers of meager items like eggs, sandals etc.

  32. Don’t think twice before leaving hometown.

  33. Visit Mina and attend the Halagahs.

  34. Wait and Stay for the 13th of Dhul Hijjah.

  35. Remind others to purify inner sole and go back home as a better person.

  36. Forgive people and forget grievances.

  37. Meet and talk to different people from various countries.

  38. Admire someone honestly.

  39. Don’t forget to thank Allah for his blessings.

  40. Invite young Muslims to sit with the elder Muslims and make young Muslims the centre of interest.

  41. Ask a knowledgeable teacher to take a tafseer class after Salah.

  42. Gift perfumes to your fellow pilgrims on the special days of Eid.

  43. Give proper attention to the health of senior women of your group.

  44. Help others.

  45. Guide people to the slaughter house and also assist them in purchasing slaughter coupons.

  46. Recall the blessings of Allah and say Alhamdulillah.

  47. Recollect 99 names of Allah and pray.

  48. Utilize a Miswak.

  49. Offer candies to the children whom you meet.

  50. Even though you should not think about worldly matters but intention of getting rewards from Allah is not bad.
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