Pre-Conditions for Hajj in brief

Hajj, the holy pilgrimage, is a duty for a Muslim but some of the conditions are to be satisfied before a pilgrim can start his or her journey for Hajj.

Pre-condition for hajj

The first condition:
The first and foremost condition is that the person who wants to perform Hajj has to be a Muslim. If someone wants to perform Hajj but not a Muslim, he has to change his or her religion. Allah only accepts prayers of Muslims.

The second condition:
The Muslim who wants to perform Hajj has to reach at the stage of puberty. Understanding the difference between good and evil is important. Unless someone doesn’t understand what is good and what is bad, that person doesn’t qualify for the Hajj. Since a child is immature to understand the essence of the religious trip to Mecca, he or she will not be able to perform Hajj as his or her duty.

The third condition:
If someone helps others to perform Hajj then he is rewarded by Allah for his/her kind effort. If a child visits Hajj with his/her mother when he/she was immature then the child again has to revisit Hajj in future when he/she reaches puberty. The rewards of Allah will be given to the mother not her child.

The fourth condition:
Muslims who want to visit Mecca for Hajj but doesn’t have money for Hajj are not obliged to make the trip. Pilgrims are not allowed to borrow money from someone else for the trip. If someone is planning to go for Hajj he or she has to make sure that his/her family is not left in debt. Pilgrims who are physically challenged have to spend money to arrange someone who can carry him/her to Mecca.

The fifth condition:
A woman can only make the long trip of Mecca, if she has Mahram to accompany her. A woman without a Mahram (A relative whom she cannot marry) is not obliged to try to perform Hajj.

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