What is Kaaba

Kaaba, the building, located inside the grand mosque of Mecca, is known as the holiest place of Islam. The gigantic mosque, Al-Masjid’l-Harram, was built around the Kaaba. All the Muslims, regardless of their places, face the Kaaba during their prayers.

Kaaba, the huge cubical masonry structure, was built by the granite stones. The height of the Kaaba is 15 meters and sides are 10.5 (34’) meters by 12 (39’) meters. The stone is covered with "Kiswah", the black silk cloth which is well decorated with gold and silver. The "Kiswah" is replaced every year.

what is kaaba

What is there inside the Kaaba?
Make a rough idea about how Kaaba looks like-

  1. Three pillars.
  2. A small table at one side to keep items like scented materials and incense burners.
  3. The cross beam, located near to the ceiling, has two lamps which look like the hanging lanterns.
  4. Electric lights are not there.
  5. The walls are adorned with marbles half way to the roof.
  6. The entire floor is bedecked with marbles except a small portion which is called "Rukamat Humra".
  7. Inscriptions of Quran on the marbles.
  8. The green cloth with gold embroidered Quran verses is covering the top part of the walls.
  9. There is no window.
  10. Only one door is there for the pilgrims.
  11. The Kaaba can accommodate 50 people.

There is a holy place called "Mustajar", at one corner which is known as "Ar Rukne Yemeni" where from Fatema Binite Asad had entered into the Kaaba with the intention to deliver Ali (AS) who was the fostered son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammad. Ali was appointed as Mohammad’s successor and was Mohamad’s companion. However, a lot of Muslims don’t agree with this. The Prophet Mohammad had marked the birth place of his successor, Ali, on the red stone which is now famous as "Rukhamat Hamra". The holy "Rukhamat Hamra" is placed inside the "Kaaba".

The Black Stone, sent by the angels to Ibrahim (according to the Islam), is a prominent and sanctified part of the "Kaaba" and was placed by Ibrahim (Abraham) and Ismail (Ishmael). The Black Stone, located at the eastern corner of the Kaaba, is encircled by a silver frame. The diameter of the Stone is 30 cm.

Some non-Muslim historians believe that the Black Stone is connected to the pre-Islamic Pagan culture of Arabia.

Due to the congregation of the large numbers of Pilgrims, it is impossible to kiss the stone. So, pilgrims point to the Stone on each pass during their circumambulations.

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