Dancing Witch Chains for your Halloween Party Decorations

halloween witch chainhalloween parties decorations

Make several chains of these dancing witches and join them together to make huge chains to be through from one end to another in your halloween party hall. Not only will it be a great decoration, but will also enhance other decorations.
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You Will need:

Posterboard card for witch template, black crepe paper, pencil, white-colored pencil, scissors.

preparation 4

preparation 4

Cut out a rectangle of posterboard card. Draw a witch on the card, making sure that parts of the witch-hat brim,hair,broomstick etc., touch the sides of the rectangle. Cut out the witch shape to make the template. Cut a strip of the crepe paper in same or more than the depth of the card. Fold it back and forth, concertina- fashion, in pleats the same width as the card. Place the template on the folded paper, draw around it, and cut out the witch, taking care to leave the shapes joined at the sides. Unfold the pleats to reveal the dancing witches.

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