Fashion tips and trends for this summer

The warm summer days are here again and it is time for some sweat, some fun, some exhaustion and some exhilaration. Add to your summer merriment with these amusing jokes themed to the season. Enjoy these summer jokes yourself and click here to refer this page with your friends and dear ones and share your laughter with them all. Celebrate a funfilled summer!

Fashion Tips for Summer

Check out these rib-tickling jokes and enhance your summer fun:

We have identified a few emerging trends, and have listed them for you to heave a real cool summer.

Women and girls:

Geometric patterns, stripes (vertical or horizontal) and faded jeans, more of the 80's denim wear, seems to ride high this summer fashion, and you will look hep and kool in these outfits.

Other cools outfits that you should consider this summer are:

T-Shirts with slogans written on them

T-Shirts with blazers

Frills and lace


Mix and match prints

Mix-n-match swimwear (sporty stripes or flirty floral prints or reversible ones)

Capri pants


Trucker baseball caps

Peasant shirts

Cargo pants

Flip-flop slippers

For mix and match, remember the following things:

Keep the background color for both pieces within similar colors.

Have one pattern subtler than the other

Avoid Hawaiian shirts, unless you are at the place

Men and boys:

As versatile as ever, muscles still rule the fashion. But you can consider the following popular outfits this season:

Broad shorts - a very practical fashion, the Velcro pockets can hold you gear too

Khakis - for that extra cool look, and comfort wear

Muscle Ts - Wear it solo under the sun, or inside your shirts

Accessories like Wooden bead chokers and striped D-ring belts completes the picture


Gone are the frills, enter streamlined dresses, with stripes ruling. Horizontal stripes on seersucker fabric were especially popular.

Detailing on the bodice or waistline is simple and classic. Both A-Line dresses for communion, as well as traditional communion dresses with full skirts are popular. Two piece versatile dresses, and basic suits in traditional white or navy blue, are still quite popular.

Children's clothes with nautical cuts made a come back this year. Nautical style collars, braid detailing, or nautical appliqu├ęs were featured on many clothing styles. Stripes mixed with polka dots appeared on more casual kids clothes. The favorite nautical colors shown were red, white, and blue. Also, nautical inspired plaids were popular for boy's shirts.

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