Host a Summer Party

Summer Party Hosting Guide

The summer theme party, like any other indoor theme party, can be a great fun. Given, you keep the mood upbeat, welcome ice breakers, memory makers, and wrap up cordially with a touch of style.

Fix up a theme for the party well beforehand. Shop and decor accordingly.

For summer party bright colors and upbeat music go well with the mood. The theme can range from anything like beach, shell, Hawaiian, Caribbean, to swimming pool, lakeside, garden and so forth. For the decoration, tape bright colored paper and silk flowers around the room. Add blue crepe paper waves along the edge of the food table, walls, and even the door to the room.

It's real summery to have fresh fruit motifs - melons, pineapples, berries, since great fruit is always a boon of summer. Tablecloths in solid colors or a bold fruit pattern, with matching napkins, can be a striking decoration. For centerpieces, take a flower basket, or a fruit basket.

You can cut a small round hollow thick enough for a candlestick right where the stem juts out of the fruit. Slide the candlestick into the fruit and you have an instant unique candleholder.

For an indoor beach party put some sand in a glass bowl so that it is deep enough to hold a candle. Place some seashells over the sand. And it turns into a wonderful candleholder. The same candleholder can be used for non-beach parties as well.

You can also take empty soda cans and cut off the entire top lid.  Collect wild flowers or vibrant Daisies, trim the stems to fit in the soda can, and place them within, filling the can with enough water to sustain the flowers. You're welcome to place two or three small rocks in the bottom of the can to weight it.

Now, the stage is set, think over the food items.

Simple and tried items like burgers, hot dogs, barbequed chicken or ribs make a great main course. Seasonal vegetables are great side dishes. Keep it light! Add to this salads of fresh fruits, potatoes, carrots, onions and eggs. This type of three course is the stuff  people expect and love at summer get-togethers.

Well, the decoration and food is important, but not everything. Unless, the party is filled with fun and activities for all. And don't forget to keep your camera ready. Just let someone remind you of 'go clicking' the good moments. The combination in right proportion will make a party truly impressive and memorable.

For an impressive wrap up, give the departing guests something to bring home, and give them a lasting reminder of your time together.

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