Party Ideas for Summer Season

Summer Party Ideas and Themes

Hawaiian Island is a great theme for summer party:

Just buy bright colored silk flowers and pull them form their stems. You will need five blossoms and a 20-inch length of fishing line for each child. As the guests arrive, greet them with an "aloha," and had them each a length of fishing line and five silk flowers. Have the children trade their flowers with others as they introduce themselves. When everyone has traded a fowler with each of the other children, have them help each other tie the ends of their fishing lines together to create leis to wear.

Indoor beach party:

This is a common theme for most of the summer parties. Do the interior of the party room based on sea themes. Place an bubbling aquarium on a center table in the party room. Decorate the room with beach towels, colorful summer umbrellas, seashells or anything else one could see at the beach. Guests may sport beach attire, sandals, and even funky sunglasses. A good choice of background music will add to the mood.

Activities include beach volleyball (using inflated ball), oyster hunting, life savers' drill, imagination pantomime for surfboard riding, wind sailing, snorkeling, or crabwalking in the sand on all fours and so forth. You may ask the participants to be dressed in resemblance to the roles they play.

Pajama Party:

Ask your guests to change over into bright and colorful pajamas in the party. When all is ready get the party started. Allow each one to slip into a sleeping bag and try to move as far as possible. The one who could make it maximum, is rewarded the highest point.

Fishing Party:

The blue napkin is going to serve as a lake or pond. Place a large full size blue towel and have all of your friends sit up around it. Now, pour some goldfish crackers over the towel. The blue towel is going to serve as a lake or a pond. And the goldfish crackers as the fish.

Give each one a pretzel stick to serve as a fishing pole. Keep a bowl of peanut butter to serve as the bait. The rule of the game is to touch the peanut butter to the cracker. May be write the initial letter over the cracker surface using the stick and butter. The more you collect the cracker, the better you score.

Camping party:

This can be done even without going for an outdoor camping. Set up a tent in your room, or cover a table with a large blanket and pretend to go camping. Let the spirit of camping prevail all through. The theme goal remains the same as the outdoor camping. For example, to introduce different ways of camping: in the wilderness, at a site, on a lake. Ask everybody about: What do you do when you go camping? What things do you need? How is it different from staying in a hotel? What games do you play? Where do you sleep? How is food usually cooked?

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