Summer Activity Ideas

Summer Activity Ideas

Summer is sun. Summer is plenty of fun. So enjoy it the best way you can. Sundae and salad, sunscreen and lemonade. Pack in for a picnic outing, or a back yard barbeque.

Or, plan a getaway to some summer resort and enjoy the nature's hue. If it really gets hot,; beat the heat and sweat with a chilled glass of refreshing drink  - lemonade or, fruit pulp. Well you can always set up a lemonade stand if you want to be creative in making summer beverages. or, a fruit-tasting offer kiosk.

Well, if none of them suits you, just take a break. And cool yourself in a nearby pool.

And, if you are quite sporty, you can always pick up the spot offering facilities according to your choice. For instance, a facility to swim, sea surfing or snorkeling. But before that check out the precautions.

If you prefer the quietude of a wooded lake, just drift in a paddle boat, or, go in for angling. And don't forget to bring in a fish basket and a loaded thermos.

For, the not-so-water-enthusiasts, an idyllic horse ride, or, even a stroll along a shady terrain can be a great fun.

If you just don't like these, no problem. Go for a trek through the wilderness and enjoy the beauty of the leaf fringed slices of the sky, and the chirping of the birds. Or, just take a walk along a quiet dirt road, may be, leading to a cool lake front.


And, if, trekking or walking is no fun for you, chill out with your favorite book, or, with a harmonica - under a shady tree, smelling the green that surrounds you. Or, just go frolicking with your friends on the lush green natural carpet. Or, hop or idle around.

Fly kites, brightly gay. They look wonderful against the bright summer sky.

You may also go for camping. Camping is fun, while a plenty you'll learn. Pick up a suitable spot. And pitch the tent. It's a real sweat out day out there.

And a cool fun filled night. Sit by the campfire with your friend. Sing your favorite campfire songs. Tell a thrilling story. Or, spread out a blanket go in for stargazing in naked eye and note them up in your scribble book under a flashlight.

And well, the fun of the sun bathed golden beach dotted with a range of lively colors is unparallel. The bright colored umbrellas, the selling kiosks, the tanning bodies, the beach wears, the sunglasses, the life guards, the beach ball enthusiasts, the surf riders - it's always like a huge fair ground busy with the spirit of life. Take part, or, simply watch 'em all.

You can always pick up a less crowded beach with a shadowy palm groove, if you like. And don't forget to bring in a shovel and sand pails. For the wet and omnipresent sand is a perfect medium to indulge in your creative spree. Make sand castles, or, whatever else you like.

If you don't like it, just sit back sipping the beauty of the foam crested stretch of the rolling sea dotted with sailing boats, and surf riders. And counting the seagulls flying across the sun soaked skies. When tired, just close your eyes and listen to the relentless breakers and smell the salty wet sea breeze rich in oxygen. And, yes, wherever you go, dressing up in summer is a real fun. Well, you won't have to bother much. Because you'll put on the lightest of your gears. Try out a variety of them. Beach hats, sun visors, pajamas, beach towels, thongs, summer sandals, sunglasses, swim fins and the all other cool and wacky stuff you like Remember whatever you wear, the lighter, the better. Cotton's the best. And, don't get bogged down if it rains outside. Enjoy the rain through the window and try out some cool summer crafts.

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