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Analysis of the Pig chinese Zodiac Sign

boarPigs are industrious workers. They love to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. They not only earn money for their good days but they plan and save money for retirement days as well. They plan their lives in a way that they become rich eventually.

They have a stern exterior but also have a million dollar heart. They work with a smiling face always. Pigs avoid confrontations and chaotic situations. It seems that pigs are unpolished but perform their duties satisfactorily. They love to live in harmony.

Pigs can get along with people nicely. They always accept any invitation gleefully for a get-together. Pigs are very good listener and listen to all your troubles with a kind heart. They can balance home and business aptly.

They have a rock solid personality. They believe each and everyone. They can make very good friends, good life partners and also business partners. But they are vulnerable and can be targeted also very easily. It has no importance whether you have helped a pig or not, he is always there to help you both physically and financially. Heart of a pig always cries if any of his friends is in trouble. They will try to help you in any kind of circumstances. It is evident that pigs are pushovers but they are the best and most kind hearted people in the earth.

These were the good parts but there is also a bad side of their characters. Pigs are hedonists. They want to get the favor back in many ways like alcohol, rich foods and even drugs. The self indulgent side is a bad aspect of a pig’s character. Pigs always take some time to help with money, smile or a hug. Pigs have a very good sense of humor and are very good at throwing jokes.

The charming pigs want to be a very good friend but never bear snobbishness and back-stabbing. Pigs will not go into any conflict. They will change the topic and walk away.

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