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Analysis of the Monkey chinese Zodiac Sign

monkeyMonkeys are successful in every aspect of life. They are intellectual and bright and are admirable in solving problems promptly. They are business minded people.

Monkeys are confident and witty. Their egos can be a problem in maintaining a long term relationship. Some of their close friends feel bad at times for their pretentiousness. But witty character of a monkey always attracts numerous friends. They believe in self importance and if anybody thinks something wrong about them then they don’t even bother about that.

Breaking boundaries are a norm for them but their verbal expressions save them always. Due to their charming and wonderful nature they can be good politicians, lawyers and actors. They have a full control on themselves. They can schedule and work according to the plans. It is fun to have them as good friends.

Creative nature of a monkey helps him/her to invent new things. They are impish and inquisitive. But it may so happen that at times a monkey’s company can also bore you. The resourceful monkeys can also be criticized often. But it is very tough to discourage a monkey. They always have the reason to smile and prolong their work appropriately.

Confronting others is not his cup of tea. Monkey’s feelings are not hurt very often. They are quite strong mentally. They believe that they are always apt and perfect. Don’t argue with them because they will not listen to your point of view. At the end of the day they will move around the point, break anyone’s interpretation and end up in the winning side.

They will take a way out to be in the winning side by putting logical and illogical arguments. They will force you to go with them. They will not listen to the word “no”. Marketing, getting in touch with public and communications are their fields where they can excel and prosper.

Monkeys do have a sense of right and wrong. Monkeys contribute to charity as well. Self employed monkeys can take up a quick decision of starting a business venture and they have the guts and wit to be successful in their business endeavor.

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