2011 is the year of the rabbit. Know how this year will be for you
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Analysis of the Rabbit chinese Zodiac Sign

rabbitIt is said that rabbits, sometimes called as cats, are born under a lucky sign. They are excellent judges of temperament and are very difficult to mislead as well. Rabbits are introverts and like to interact and work together in a group.

Anyone who has got a rabbit as his/her lover, friend or life partner can consider him/her lucky for rabbit’s empathetic, soft-spoken and mild nature. Rabbits like to quietly enjoy an orderly life. Rabbits appreciate the splendor of the surrounding environment. They have a large number of friends in their close circle of associates.

Rabbits are definitely not pushovers. They will not even show anger or throw temper. Rabbits never like direct encounters and challenges. Rabbits always take work sequentially and one by one. They know that they have works on their hands and they will take the responsibility to complete it.

Powerful businessmen are insightful negotiators. Rabbits will never shout on anything. They will quietly take the responsibility of the contract and complete the job flawlessly before delivering it to the clients.

Rabbits keep a count on their resources and start their work. Even though rabbits are really slow runners but they are immaculate with their understanding. They are cautious with their approach and are also indecisive at times. Rabbits have that power to read and understand the order of the day and work accordingly. Rabbits take time to fine-tune themselves according to the state of affairs.

Even though rabbits are very moody but they are capable of taking enormous stress and strain without any grievance and sullenness. Due to the lively nature, rabbits like to take part in get together and parties. They are often down in the dumps with their works but it hardly lasts long.

Rabbit is always considerate and caregivers. Ardent individuals are always ready to lend an ear or even money to the needy. Rabbits are polite intermediaries and moderators. A rabbit likes to advice others and everyone respects him for his timely and apt advice.

They love to live their lives king size with a spacious home, a nice car and impressive clothes. Rabbits always are interested in keeping harmony at homes, at workplace and even in social gathering. They hate confrontations and try to avoid that at any cost.

Responsibilities and commitments are the obstacles in a relationship according to them. Male and Female rabbits always enjoy some space between them.

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