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Analysis of the Dragon chinese Zodiac Sign

dragonDragon, as the name suggests, is the boss of every affair. If a dragon stands in front of audience and delivers a lecture, everyone keeps quiet and calmly listens to it. The dragon always has his head high.

Dragons are the winners eventually at any cost. They are on their toes always and lead others. They are born to lead. The well earned reputations of Dragons make them loud with their voice and imposing gestures.

Down to earth nature of Dragons is his/her trademark. Delightful, spontaneous, go getter, triumphant and learned Dragons are profound thinkers. Their egos are quite evident at work but people are still forced to respect their views. They have a big self-respect. They can make loyal and trustworthy friends.

Dragons most often sit at the top of the corporate affairs. They have a congenital power of pulling crowd towards them. They want their subordinates to act in accordance with Dragons and they like to select the way for others to follow. It is really tough to say “no” to them and dragons don’t understand or accept the word either.

Although the Dragons are truthful but they never consider other’s emotion. Angry Dragons are not open to criticism. Sticking to the old issue is not their cup of tea. They want to move ahead of time. They never follow the past; rather thrive for a smooth and nice future. They don’t consider themselves irritating and arrogant. Dragons always desire to be forgiven for their booming effusions. They think themselves as the greatest and brilliant creation of the all mighty.

Dragons always want to be in the action. They always push themselves for something new. They crave for back to back work. Restlessness for getting into a new venture is one of their hallmarks. It is difficult to keep them away without any challenge. Dragons want to see themselves busy all the time.

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