Origin, History and Notion of Chimney Sweep in Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. Every year we celebrate this season with much excitement and joy. No doubt, you must have certainly heard about the "Chimney Sweep" while making merry during Christmas? But do you know what really is this chimney sweep and how this term came into existence? TheHolidaySpot is happy to bring to you the wonderful history and origin of the Chimney Sweep. Have the pleasure to read it.

Chimney Sweeps

In the good old times, Chimney Sweeps used to go from door to door on New Years day to wish people Good Luck. Ever since, they are considered as 'The ultimate bringer of Good Luck'.

A Chimney Sweep is a sign of good luck, wealth and happiness. There are several legends why a Chimney Sweep is said to be "The" harbinger of good luck. One version of the legend has it's origins in old England, where King George was riding horseback in a royal procession. A dog ran from the crowd, barking and nipping at the King's horse. The horse reared, and to the horror of the crowd, almost threw the King! A lone figure, shabbily dressed and filthy, stepped into the road. He caught the horse's halter and calmed the animal.

As quickly as he appeared, the man faded back into crowd. The King, wanting to reward the man, asked his name. No-one knew the man's name, but many told the King that he is just a Chimney Sweep. The King declared that from that day that Chimney Sweeps should be regarded as Lucky! 

The chimney has been a part of family life since the early Romans first realized that it was better to live in a nice, fire-warmed home than in a chilly one. They needed a way to funnel off the smoke the fires caused. Centuries later, in medieval times, fireplaces were invented to heat individual rooms and provide a safe place for indoor cooking. They soon learned that fireplaces and their chimneys needed a cleaning as a house full of soot and fumes is unhealthy. And so, chimney sweeping developed into a necessary profession. People liked having the chimney sweep pay a visit as he brought clean, fresh air back to the home.

Sweeps are associated with hearth and home, and thus domestic bliss. Chimney Sweeps became a sign of good health and prosperity.