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Christmas Stories for Kids

What is a holiday without some great stories to listen to? And Christmas is one occasion where you can have no dearth of good tales related to the season. Here we have brought to you some of the best short stories related to the Christmas season. Read them and have a great time.

Best Christmas Stories Online

Christmas Stories

Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse

"Yo Ho! my boys," said Fezziwig. "No more work to-night! Christmas Eve, Dick! Christmas, Ebenezer... Read Now »

The Fir-Tree

Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir-tree. The place he had was a very good one... Read Now »

The Christmas Masquerade

On Christmas Eve the Mayor's stately mansion presented a beautiful appearance... Read Now »

The Shepherds and The Angels

And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and keeping watch by night over their flock... Read Now »

The Telltale Tile

It begins with a bit of gossip of a neighbour who had come in to see Miss Bennett... Read Now »

Little Girl's Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, and Little Girl had just hung up her stocking by the fireplace... Read Now »

A Christmas Matinee

It was the day before Christmas in the year 189-. Snow was falling heavily in the streets of Boston... Read Now »

Toinette And The Elves

The winter's sun was nearing the horizon's edge. Each moment the tree shadows grew longer in the... Read Now »

The Voyage Of The Wee Red Cap

It was the night of St. Stephen, and Teig sat alone by his fire with naught in his cupboard but... Read Now »

Story of the Christ-Child

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, on the night before Christmas, a little child was... Read Now »

Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas

Jimmy Scarecrow led a sad life in the winter. Jimmy's greatest grief was his lack of... Read Now »

Why The Chimes Rang

There was once in a faraway country where few people have ever travelled, a wonderful... Read Now »

The Birds' Christmas

"Chickadee-dee-dee-dee! Chickadee-dee-dee-dee! Chicka--" "Cheerup, cheerup, chee-chee... Read Now »

The Little Sister's Vacation

It was to be a glorious Christmas at Doctor Brower's. All "the children"... Read Now »

Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes

Once upon a time--so long ago that everybody has forgotten the date--in a city in... Read Now »

Christmas In The Alley

"I declare for 't, to-morrow is Christmas Day an' I clean forgot all about it," said old Ann... Read Now »

A Christmas Tree

I have been looking on, this evening, at a merry company of children assembled round that... Read Now »

Nobody's Story

He lived on the bank of a mighty river, broad and deep, which was always silently rolling... Read Now »

What Christmas is as we Grow Older

Time was, with most of us, when Christmas Day encircling all our limited world like a... Read Now »

The Child's Story

Once upon a time, a good many years ago, there was a traveller, and he set out... Read Now »

The Poor Relation's Story

He was very reluctant to take precedence of so many respected members of the family... Read Now »

The Schoolboy's Story

Being rather young at present—I am getting on in years, but still I am rather young... Read Now »

A Wish From Above

The little angel felt happy, as a young girl held her in the palm of her hand. But the moment... Read Now »

The Vertical Fields

On Christmas Eve around 1942, when I was a boy, after having the traditional punch and cookies... Read Now »

A Child's Christmas in Wales

One Christmas was so much like another, in those years around the sea-town corner... Read Now »


God sent Adam and Eve away from the Garden of Eden... Read Now »


"Yes," said the dealer, "our windfalls are of various kinds... Read Now »

The Overeating Elf

Once there was an elf named Frez that would get so nervous during... Read Now »

The Gift of the Magi

One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies... Read Now »

The Joy of Giving

Reggie's brother gave him an automobile as a Christmas present... Read Now »

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas... Read Now »

Short Christmas Stories

The Little Elf's Big Wish

Once upon a time at the North Pole, there was a little elf named Twinkle. Twinkle was always the tiniest elf, and he dreamt of becoming Santa's lead reindeer. He worked tirelessly on his training, even though everyone laughed at his dream. On Christmas Eve, a blizzard covered the North Pole, making it impossible for Santa's sleigh to take off. Desperate for a solution, Santa turned to Twinkle and said, "I need your help!" Twinkle, filled with pride, led the reindeer team through the storm, and together they delivered presents to children all over the world. From that day on, Twinkle proved that even the littlest elves can make the biggest dreams come true.

The Mischievous Gingerbread

In a small bakery, a batch of gingerbread cookies was being prepared for Christmas. As they were cooling on the windowsill, one mischievous gingerbread cookie named Giggles decided to explore the world outside. With a sly grin, Giggles hopped out and ventured into the snowy town. Along the way, he played pranks on snowmen, teased the reindeer, and even decorated a few trees with icing. Eventually, he found himself on a child's windowsill, exhausted and covered in frosting. The child found Giggles and was so charmed by the little cookie's adventures that they shared stories and hot cocoa, and Giggles felt the warmth of the holiday spirit.

The Singing Snowman

In a quaint little village, there stood a snowman named Frosty who had a remarkable talent – he could sing beautifully. All winter long, Frosty sang cheerful songs to keep the villagers' spirits high. On Christmas Eve, Frosty's songs reached the ears of Santa Claus, who was in need of some last-minute entertainment for a Christmas party at the North Pole. Santa invited Frosty to perform, and the snowman happily agreed. As Frosty sang under the northern lights, the entire North Pole was filled with joy. Frosty's magical music not only entertained Santa and the elves but also brought warmth to the coldest night of the year. Since then, Frosty became the official Christmas entertainer, proving that even in the frostiest of circumstances, music can melt hearts.

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