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Welcome to a poetic winter wonderland, where the beauty and warmth of Christmas come to life through the art of words. Immerse yourself in the magic of the season with our carefully curated collection of Christmas poems, both long and short. Each verse is a twinkling star in the poetic night sky, capturing the essence of yuletide joy, love, and festive enchantment.

From the rhythmic dance of snowflakes to the cozy glow of hearth and home, our anthology embraces the diverse emotions that make Christmas special. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of classical poems or the playful cadence of contemporary verses, our collection has something for every poetic taste.

Journey through the pages and let the verses transport you to a world where sleigh bells chime in harmony with the poetry of the season. Whether you seek inspiration for holiday greetings or simply wish to bask in the lyrical celebration of Christmas, our collection of poems is a treasure trove of heartfelt expressions. Join us in savoring the magic of Christmas through the artistry of words – because sometimes, the most meaningful gifts come in stanzas and rhymes.

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Short Christmas Poems

A Christmas Wish

In the hush of falling snow so white,
On this magical and silent night,
I send a wish, sincere and true,
For all the joys that Christmas brings to you.

With twinkling lights and ornaments so bright,
May your heart be filled with pure delight,
And as you gather 'round the tree,
May love and laughter set your spirits free.

For Christmas is a time to share,
To show how much you truly care,
So let your hearts be warm and kind,
And in this season, love you'll find.

Winter's Embrace

As winter's embrace wraps around so tight,
And stars twinkle in the clear, cold night,
We gather together, a family and friends,
In a love-filled season that never ends.

With snow on the ground, and fires aglow,
We cherish the moments, in the soft, warm glow,
Of laughter, of stories, and memories so dear,
In this season of joy, at the end of the year.

So let us be grateful, for each passing day,
For the love that surrounds us, in every way,
May this Christmas be merry, full of good cheer,
And a Happy New Year for all to be near.

The Gift of Giving

In this season of giving, we find our delight,
As we exchange presents on this magical night.
But the greatest gift, in the end, we'll discover,
Is the love we share with each sister and brother.

So let's remember the message, simple and clear,
That it's not what we get, but what we give here.
For the joy of Christmas is in kindness and sharing,
In the love we give freely, and the hearts we're repairing.

In every smile and every embrace,
We find the true meaning of this sacred space.
It's the gift of giving, the love that we show,
That makes this season truly glow.

It was a Christmas Eve

It was a Christmas Eve
I was paving the street
The lights were glittering all along
Old and kids were all in celebration
The atmosphere smelt so cheerful
Among those a teen was there
Staring at me, Oh! my dear
My eyes too got fixed on her
We continued to look at each other
All passed by, mocked at us, we didn't care
Slowly and slowly she stepped towards me
And my feet too gradually moved to her
Crossing the crowd and hundreds celebrities around
Were in front of each other, none between, no found
I could feel, my feet trembled, hands shivered
Her too, I could understand and my heart heard
She wanted to be more near and be dear
Fear in mind, I hugged her and kissed her
She held my head and too kissed me stronger
As if she told me, want to be your life partner
I agreed and fixed a date on the holy day Christmas
We met each other, hugged, kissed and merry around

Merry Christmas Ever

By Snehesh Majumdar

Merriest Christmas Ever

I begun the day today
Wishing Merry Christmas on the way
To all and everyone I met this Day
So I wish you too Merry Christmas by the way!
Do you know the special thing happened
This Christmas, other than which went away?
A big man came to my home,
He is a few days new born,
He is none other than my GRANDSON!!!
The Santa Claus came to me days before
And blessed me with this gift adore,
A treasure, I swear, in my life's shore!
The first thing I did on this Christmas,
Awoke and wished my Grandson, Xmas,
The innocent one couldn't understand thus,
But it would be a story to tell afterwards!
All the cakes and pastries and deserts
Brought and bought by his name, Kriansh,
So sad, this little angel can't taste once
A little bit of the dishes today we share!
Lots of names pouring in for the dear
The expressions of love, later he will hear!
The NAME by which he will be known here and there,
Ibaan and Kriansh, which he will carry and adhere!!!

By Snehesh Majumdar

I Believe...
I believe that Rudolph's red nose glows
I believe that Santa sings funny jingles all through his journey
I believe that he assesses if we've been good the whole year as he sees all our doings in his magical crystal sphere
I believe that he smiles at us on the streets irrespective of whether we smile back
I believe he makes miracles happen on the 34th Street
I believe he exists.
And while some fly back to a huge lit up Christmas tree back in their city,
Some of us have to make do with some cheap glitter balls and stars and fairy lights for the tiny ones sitting on our dorm room tables
With carols and beliefs, beer and cakes, lonely mistletoes and lonelier clubs, a room full of friends and old family secrets;
On Christmas Eve, we all find a way to make ourselves feel at home
On Christmas Eve, we all find a way to be our own Santa Claus.

By Sanandita, MHS, Kolkata, India

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love can overcome war
a christmas wish

"out of love flows the milk of human kindness,....
for it is there to remind us.
it is god's blessing from above,... to keep
in mind when it comes to push and shove.
if we all search our souls hard enough,....
will will discover the love that lies hidden deep
inside of us.

let's all try to get along,...to make life and love
one big happy song.for the world is like an apple slowly
rotting from the core,....ruled by thieves and despots
who are arming themselves for war.
so,if we now all join hands and work along together as one,.....the battle will not be lost,but won.

the world is filled with trials and tribulations,rumors
of war and conflagrations.let's now all pray for peace among all nations.
life is one big mountain we must all climb and overcome,.....
for if we fail we will surely all succumb.if we do not learn
from history,once and for all,....our world, as we know it
will topple and fall. in our hands we hold our destiny and
fate,...we must all act now,for it is getting very late."

© joseph p.martino

my one wish for christmas

if i had the power to change one thing in the world today,.....
i would ask us all to pray.....
pray for world peace,thank god that in america we have the
freedom to express out loud whatever we think or say.

pray for the safety of our brave military american men and
and women and all our allied partners in our fight for
democracy and freedom for all.
pray they all return home safe and sound.....
pray for our patriots and military hero's who died and
were buried on hallow ground.

pray that god continues to bless the american way of life,
liberty and freedom for all.....
pray that our Americana
flag always continues to wave
proud and tall.

pray that all natural disasters desist and decrease,....
and that our love for our worlds neighbors,
only grow and increase.pray that drought never again shall
appear,....pray that starvation and famine disappear.
pray that the downtrodden of this world find cause for
hope and peace,relief from all worry and despire,....
not for just a day,but throughout the year.

so,if i had the power to change one thing in the world
today,....i would humbly praise god and pray.

© joseph p.martino

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