Best Christmas Recipes Ideas

Nothing makes a festival more than a sumptuous feast. TheHolidaySpot knows it well and tosses at you an assortment of splendid Christmas recipes to add more spice to your Christmas celebrations. Put these easy, stepwise foodmaking instructions to good use and cook up fabulous dishes for yourself and your loved ones at home this December. The recipes include directions to make snacks, desserts and other festive foods prepared during Christmas! Wish you a zestful Christmas celebration!

Looking for the best Christmas recipes to make your holiday sparkle? Here is a list of ten traditional Christmas recipes that are a must-have during the festival. Have a look!

Christmas Recipes Videos

Traditional Fruit Cake
Spend a memorable Christmas this year. Savor the taste of this easy-to-do traditional fruit cake.

Strawberry Smoothie
This delicious strawberry smoothie in a short break of eventful Christmas can bring a joyful broad smile on your face.

Marshmallow Puddings
Marshmallow Puddings are a cute little festive treat. Everyone will fall in love with these little babies.

Christmas Fruit Salad
A very healthy fruit salad with brown sugar dressing would be an ideal embellishment for your Christmas dining table.

Sleepover Cake
Easy instructions to make this pretty sleepover cake are shown in this video.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie
This homemade strawberry pie would change the course of your day.

Sugar Chalet
Cherish this charming Christmas with this tasty treat, alpine chalet.

Cherry-Pineapple Punch
Learn how to make a delicious Christmas Cherry-Pineapple Punch, flavorful chilled drinks!

Mixed Vegetable Recipes

Christmas Morning Pie
Make this festive breakfast to entertain your friends on the Christmas morning.
Christmas vegetables
Cook this perfect Christmas vegetable dish, with potatoes, parsnips, carrots etc.
Roasted potatoes
This great guide will show you the step-by-step procedure on how to make the best roasted potatoes.
Tofu Lo-Mein
This easy-to make recipe is not very expensive. Why don’t you try it during this Christmas for your friends and family members?

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Christmas starters

Olive Crostini
Learn how to make Olive Crostini, a perfect dish with olive oil, tapenade and baguette pieces - simply irresistible!
Tuna Diamonds
This is a delicious starter made with Tuna. This simple but healthy recipe will add a great taste to your Christmas party food.
Sumptuous Soups
Try it and enjoy as it warms you from head to toe with its delicious and hearty flavor.
Crostini with Toppings
With this recipe for basic crostini and toppings you'll have just the right light bite to start your party or dinner.
Roast Vegetable Wedges
A combination of roasted vegetables and potato wedges. This is very simple to do.
Pastry Crowned Tomato Soup
A wonderful recipe that combines tomato soup with pastry. Try it and wow your guests.

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Christmas Snacks

Sesame-Cheese Twists
Make a wonderful snack. Try this sesame-cheese twist, flavored with cheese of your choice.
Mini Puff Pastry Tartlets
With this mouthwatering dish satisfy the appetite of every guest. Try it now!
Spicy Morsels
Spicy-Morsels, the spiced chicken skewers will be very appropriate for your Christmas party snacks. No doubt your guests in party will praise this delicious snack.
Eggs Benedict
An easy to follow traditional recipe which includes eggs, Ham, English muffin etc. Enjoy it!
Appricot-Nut Loaf
This is perfect to serve in get-together ceremonies or welcome a new neighbor on this festive time.

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Christmas Main Meals

Salmon En Croute
This makes an impressive dish for a successful dinner party. If you've got guests to impress, this will really do the trick.
Shrimp Gambo
Learn how to make a Shrimp Gumbo Recipe with olive oil, plain flour, fish stock, tomatoes, green beans etc.
Roast Turkey
Roasting a turkey is actually just as easy as roasting a chicken. Learn how to make this recipe with step-by-step instructions.
Tangy Crusted Chicken
This recipe coats tender chicken breasts with orange juice, orange Marmalade etc.
Pork Tenderlin
Looking for pork tenderloin recipes? Here is the delicious pork tenderloin ideas and cooking help for you.
Beef Fillets
For a special Christmas meal, nothing beats a perfectly prepared beef fillet. So, learn how to make it.
Lamb Chops
This recipe for lamb chops is a favorite one for this occasion. It is an easy and quick recipe.

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Christmas Desserts

Meringue Snowman
Learn how to make a Meringue Snowman which is filled with egg whites, confectioners' sugar, and licorice candies.
Amaretti Delight
This amaretti delight recipe is great for the entertainment. It will bring the full Christmas spirit right on your dinner table.
Chocolate Log
This traditional Christmas chocolate log will be a yummy treat for everyone. Try it ones!
Epiphany Cake
An easy-to-make recipe, everyone will just love it. Learn how to make this tasty cake using butter, vanilla extract, eggs, puff pastry, etc.
Jeweled Fruit Cake
This yummy fruitcake is packed with golden raisins, candied orange peel, cherries, apricots, almonds and others.
Christmas Tree Stack
It is a novel and delightful dessert which has lesser filling than traditional Christmas desserts.

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Christmas Festive Foods

Christmas Tree Cake
One of the easiest ways to make the delightful occasion even more joyful is to make this Christmas Tree Cake. Try this easy-to-make recipe now!
Ginger Bread Hearts
It is one of the best gingerbread recipes. Make it with butter, egg, ginger, flour, candies and other ingredients.
Festive Cup Cakes
Everyone loves a delicious cupcake. Get creative with this easy, irresistible cupcake recipe.
Short Bread Shapes
A simple and easy shortbread recipe is on display. This recipe lets you make delicious shortbread in any shapes.
Decorated Biscuits
Give the fine Christmas touch to your party with this simple recipe.
Festive Cookies
Use this easy recipe for Christmas cookies. Butter, sugar, grated rind of lemon, flour and some other ingredients are needed for it.
Chocolate Snowflake Stars
Dazzle your guests with this easy-to-make item, made with chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

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