Christmas Craft Ideas from Around the World

Every year, Christmas is celebrated all around the world with great fanfare and festivities. Months of preparations for this big event culminate in one whole week of merry festivities and diverse activities of a joyous nature. One common activity is making crafts for the occasion. While we purchase so many gifts to present to our loved ones on Christmas, it gives us a unique pleasure to make something for them with our own hands and a satisfaction to receive an appreciation for our labour of love. With Christmas coming on again, TheHolidaySpot brings to you some splendid craft ideas from around the world. With our step-by-step craft instructions that are easy to-follow and materials that are inexpensive and easy-to-find, you can make some cool Christmas crafts and surprise your near and dear ones. So check out these Christmas crafts from the worldover and start making splendid Christmas crafts. Unleash your artistic skills and be a part of the world Christmas celebrations. Merry Christmas!

How to make

Here are some craft ideas from different countries of the world. Follow these easy craft instructions and make wonderful crafts for Christmas:

Cranberry and popcorn garlands (U.S.)

Things needed:

1) Popcorn
2) Fresh cranberries
3) Heavyweight sowing needle
4) Heavyweight sewing thread


1) Lay out long lengths of sewing thread. Tie a knot at one end of the thread, and pass the other end through the needle. You can tie the individual segments together when you have finished, but do not forget to leave a couple inches of thread at the end of each segment.

2) Push the needle through the cranberry and slide it down the length of the thread to the knotted end. Then pass the needle through a piece of popcorn in a similar manner. Alternate popcorn and cranberries until the segment is finished.

3) Lastly, tie the segments together, and hang the garland.

Note: For kids under 8, parental supervision is necessary.

Christmas Tree Skirts (Canada)

Things needed:

1) Red fleece - 2 yards
2) White fleece - 2 yards
3) red craft felt - 2 squares
4) green craft felt - 3 squares
5) white craft felt - 4 squares (if desired, buy extra squares for snowflakes)
6) Black buttons - 12 , each of size 1/2 inch.

Also needed: String, Tape measure, Chalk, Fabric scissors, Straight pins, Pinking shears, Sewing machine, Thread(of colours red and white), Craft glue, Black fabric marker, Hot glue gun, glue sticks.


1) Fold a red fleece in half as it came off the bolt, fold it in half again, matching cut ends. Take the lower corner of shorter edge of fold, and bring it to the long edge.

2) Cut 50-inch length of string and tie it to the piece of chalk. Hold down string at point of fleece, and pull taut. Move the chalk in arc around bottom edge of fleece to mark off curve. Cut on curve to create circular skirt.

3) Repeat the first two steps with white fleece. Pin together the red and white circles.

4) Cut strips (5'' long X 1'' wide) of similar sizes from both layers of fleece. Knot together matching red and white strips.

5) Put red thread in the top of your sewing machine and white in its bobbin. Stitch two straight lines 1/2 inch apart from edge to center of skirt. Cut between stitched lines towards center to create skirt opening. Using chalk, make a 7-inch circle in the middle of the skirt.

6) Cut out designs like snowman, holly berries, Santa and leaves from felt. Glue snowman to the red side of fleece and the other designs to white side of fleece with craft glue. Hot glue black buttons on snowmen. Draw the eyes of the snowman using fabric marker.

Note: To clean, spot wash only with mild soap and water.

Christmas Fairy (Britain)

Things needed:

1) Fairy bottle
2) Tissue paper
3) Pipe cleaners
4) Stickers
5) Polystyrene craft ball
6) Wool
7) Paint
8) Paintbrush
9) Scissors


1) Wash an old, used Fairy bottle and cut a round hole in its bottom. Some adult assistance is required here.

2) Make a dress out of tissue paper for your Fairy. Use pipe cleaners for making the straps, waistband and trim. Take off the cap of your Fairy bottle and attach with glue the craft ball in its place. This is the head of your Fairy. Glue on wool for hair.

3) Apply skin colour paint on head and parts of bottle that are not covered by the dress.

4) Roll up some tissue paper for arms and attach to the bottle with glue. Make a wand out of a spare pipe cleaner.

5) Decorate your Fairy’s dress with sparkly stickers. Your Christmas Fairy is ready to be gifted.

Note: For kids under 10, parental supervision is necessary.

Advent calendar (Germany)

Things needed:

1) A one month pill box(with 28 compartments)
2) Printer paper/Sticker paper (dimensions: 8 ½ x 11 inches)
3) Super glue
4) An X-Acto knife (utility knife)/ Crayola Cutter tools
5) Small candies (suitable to fit into the pill box compartments)


1) First, take the pill box and the paper. Choose any four compartments on the left or the right of the box and using sticker paper, cover them. Fold the extra length of paper on the sides or snip off with the knife or cutter. Put glue atop each compartment and glue the paper down.

2) Once the glue dries, use the knife/cutter to cut open the sides and bottoms of the 24 compartments.

3) Now draw a design atop the paper glued to the pill box. A nice idea is to write the name of the person who will be using the Advent Calendar or a Christmas related term on the four closed compartments.

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