Glove Gift Tags

It's Christmas again! Now your hands can go with your gifts! Make a pair of glove gift tags to carry your special message wit your presents. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Glove Gift Tags

Materials needed

  • Cartridge paper.
  • Sticky-backed velour fabric.
  • Craft knife.
  • Green and white paper ribbon.
  • Gold and silver crepe paper.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Florist's wire.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A ruler.
  • A pencil.
  • A craft knife.

How to make

1. Lay the template on the ivory-colored paper. Hold in position with paper clips.
2. Using pencil, trace the template shape onto the ivory-colored paper. Remove the template and cut its shape out of the ivory-colored paper.

3. Fold the pink paper from the middle. Place the straight side of the heart template against the fold.
4. Cut out the heart shape as also the two curved strips, using the template.
5. Use the pinking shears to cut a zigzagged edge along each edge of the strips.

6. Lay the glove cutout on a wad of tissue paper to act as a yielding surface.
7. Press the glove shape firmly with the smaller tracing wheel. Wheel all around the edge of the globe. Make two parallel lines between each finger.

8. Open up the pink heart. Place it on the glove with the point facing the cuff end. Trace the design with a sharp pencil.
9. Cut four parallel v-shaped slits into the heart.
10. Make similar slits in the heart shape on the back of the glove. Each arm of the slits should be about ½".

11. Erase the pencil marks on the glove.
12. With its pointed end facing the fingers, carefully interlock the points of the corresponding slits of the heart to firmly fix it onto the glove.

13. Lay the curved template onto the cuff of the back of the glove. Draw two sets of parallel lines.
14. Placing the glove on the cutting mat, carefully cut twelve slits on the outer band between the two parallel line sets. Form ten slits on the inner one.

15. Overturn the glove to the right side.
16. Pass the pinked strips through the slits. Trim the ends to overlap by 1 cm.
17.Turn under the strips to the back of the glove and stick down with paper glue.

18. Working from the wrong side, lay the glove on the tissue paper. Mark each side of the strips on the cuff and along the center of each finger and the thumb using the larger tracing wheel.
19. Using the hole punch, make a small hole at the edge of the cuff. Thread a ribbon and hang.