Cat Pillow

This is Christmas time! Craft your own gift for this eve, craft a cat pillow to gift to your near and dear ones. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Cat Pillow

Materials needed

  • A square piece of red printed cotton
    (dimensions 12" x 12").
  • 2 red printed cotton pieces (dimensions 16" x 11").
  • 4 green/red check cotton strips (dimensions 12" x 3").
  • 4 square pieces of pale green printed cotton
    (dimensions 3" x 3").
  • A square piece of cream printed cotton
    (dimensions 12" x 12").
  • A square strip of gold cotton (dimensions 6" x 6").
  • Black oval beads/buttons - 2.
  • Dark-grey 6-strand cotton embroidery floss.
  • A square piece of pillow form (dimensions 16" x 16").
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A needle.
  • A spool of thread.
  • A hot iron.
  • Some pins.
  • Template
    (provided here)
  • A marker.

How to make

1.Refer the template provided here and cut out a cat, two ears and back leg from the cream print cotton. Also cut out a bow from the gold cotton square.
2.Use a ½" seam allowance to stitch a strip of checked cotton to the two opposite sides of the red printed cotton square.
3.Stitch a square strip of pale green printed cotton to either end of the remaining two strips.

4.Matching seams, stitch the strips to the top and bottom of the other pieces. Smoothen with a hot iron press.
5.Refer the pillow diagram to properly pin and tack the ears and back leg in the right positions.
6.Slip stitch these onto the pillow front and turn under about ¼".
7.Secure the rest of the cat in place with pins and stitch down. Stitch the bow over the neck area of your cat and add a knot over the bow.
8.Refer the template to draw the features (with a marker) on the face, ears and paws of the cat.
9.Embroider the marks by putting two strands of dark gray embroidery floss over the lines. Keep the thread in place working small stitches over it. Use only one strand for the bow features.
10.Make a closely spaced satin stitch for the nose. Stitch the beads/buttons in place to make the eyes.
11.Use the other red print fabric strips for the back of the pillow. Turn a ½" double hem on one long edge of every strip and stitch with machine.
12.Converge the two machine-stitched edges with their right sides up to correspond with the size of the pillow front. Pin these at each end.
13.Place pillow back and front, right sides together. Pin, tack and machine-stitch around all four edges.
14.Take out the tacking. Turn its right side out and press out the corners with a knitting needle. Lightly press with a hot iron and tuck the pillow form.