Jelly Wax Candle

Make yourself a jelly like wax candle this Christmas. This will be a perfect gift for this eve. A gifts that you can create yourself as crafts. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Jelly Wax Candle

Materials needed

  • Jelly Wax.
  • Wick.
  • A glass container.
  • Selection of stones and shells.
  • A double boiler or oven.
  • Predyed wax (optional).

How to make

1. Pour the wax into a double boiler or oven. Add in any color of your choice into the wax and melt to 203 degree Fahrenheit (95 degree Centigrade). See that the container in which you are heating the wax is free from any water droplets (else it will turn cloudy)

2. Insert the wick inside the glass container and hold it upright with one hand. Pour a little wax into the bottom to secure the wick.
3. Pour in the remaining wax slowly to avoid creating too many bubbles.

4. Add pieces of spare wax on the top of the candle, making sure that they do not cover the wick.