Pretty Padded Hangers

Here is an idea for making decorated padded hangers this Christmas season. You can use them for yourself, or a gift to your friends. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Pretty Padded Hangers

Materials needed

  • White 14-count Aida fabric - 18 strips
    (dimensions: 1" x 6").
  • 6-strand cotton embroidery floss (one skein each of cerise, rose pink, pale pink, scarlet, royal blue, mid blue, lime green, mid green, bright yellow, pale yellow, light terra cotta, pale orange).
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Tracing paper.
  • Wooden coat hanger (about 16" long).
  • Cotton backing fabric - 1 strip (19" x 6").
  • Polyester batting.
  • White cotton eyelet trim - 1 strip (3 cm x 1.1m).
  • Narrow ribbon (for hook and bow).
  • A ruler.
  • Template
    (provided here)
  • Transparent adhesive tape.

How to make

1. Place the ruler on the Aida fabric to find its center.
2. Mark the crease line with running stitches in a contrasting color.
3. Mark the middle point of the design.
4. Sew over the edges of the fabric to save them from fraying. Every symbol on the graph is equal to one cross-stitch worked over a square. The key shows the colors of stranded floss you can use.
5. Use two strands of embroidery floss for the cross-stitching. Beginning at the center of the graph, work on the middle of each half and come outward.

6. Trace the hanger design on the template diagram onto the tracing paper. Check whether the pattern fits the hanger you are using, as their shapes may differ. Adjust the template if required.
7. Using the pattern, cut out hanger shapes from the embroidered fabric, the backing fabric and two batting strips.
8. Stitch two rows of gathering thread along the white cotton eyelet trim. Make the first stitch 1/2" away from the raw edge and the second 1/4" from the first one.
9. Use pins to mark the quarter points along the outer edge of the embroidered Aida fabric and along the length of the trim.
10. Pull up the gathering threads to let the trim fit uniformly all around the outer edge of the Aida fabric.
11. Take out the gathering threads when you have finished stitching.
12. With right sides facing each other, put the backing strip atop the frilled front part. Place a piece of batting on each side and sew to secure.
13. Stitch (using machine) around the bottom edge and curves, staying as close as you can to the original stitching line. Do not stitch the top edge. Keep it open.
14. Trim the batting near the stitching all around. Clip the corners and notch the curves. Outturn the right sides.
16. Tie the metal hook of the hanger with ribbon to equate with the bow.
17. Paste a little adhesive tape strip to the top of the hook. Work the ribbon over it.
18. Tape the reverse end of the ribbon to the hanger.
19. Tuck the hanger, turn under the raw edges. Close the top edges by slip-stitching together.