Rose and Ivy Panel

Here is an idea to make a wonderful wall hanging cloth panel to decorate your walls this Christmas. It also makes a wonderful gift for someone. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Rose and Ivy Panel

Materials needed

  • 14 count red Aida fabric (for cross stitch) - 1 strip (26" x 9").
  • Contrast sewing thread.
  • 6-strand cotton embroidery floss(one skein each in cream, rose pink, light green, mid green, lime green, bright green and dark green).
  • 6-strand metallic embroidery floss, one skein in gold.
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Tartan ribbon - 1 strip (3m by 2.5 cm).
  • 1 wooden dowel rod, 10"(length) by ½"(diameter).
  • Wood Stain (optional).Chart (provided here).

How to make

1. Fold the aida fabric from the middle lengthwise. Stitch through a row of holes in contrasting thread colors to mark the crease line.
2. Fold the aida fabric from the middle widthwise and repeat the rest of the above process again. The spot where the two lines of tacking intersect marks the center of the design.
3. Work one half of the design (shown in the chart) twice, once above and once below the horizontal center line, as marked on the fabric.

4. Each colored square on the chart equals one cross-stitch created over one square of the aida fabric. The colors of embroidery floss are given in the key. For easy reference, tape a small piece of each co lour next to its corresponding number in the key.
5. Start stitching the design at the marked center on the fabric. See that all the upper threads of your cross stitches slant in the same way. Insert two strands of the 6-strand embroidery floss in your needle for the major part of the cross stitching. Refer the key for exceptions; these are the outer tips of the flower petals, where four strands of cream are used, and the metallic gold floss, which is worked with six strands.
6. When you are done with the top half of the design, repeat it again below.
7. When you have finished embroidering, push it over a padded surface from the wrong surface.
8. On the long sides, fold the extra fabric to the wrong side, three squares from the outside of the embroidery and press. Trim to ½" (1cm).
9. Turn up the lower edge to form a point. Fold the top edge under twice to form a 1" (2.5 cm) channel. Fasten all around the edges with tacks about an inch in from the folded edges.
10. Fit the tartan ribbon all around the panel with thread. Fasten in place with tacks just beneath the folded edges of the Aida fabric, with the ribbon ends coinciding at the bottom.
11. Machine stitch/back stitch the two long sides and the lower pointed edge near the edge of the Aida fabric.
12. At the top edge, hand stitch the ribbon to the bottom side of the main piece at each side of the channel. Slip-stitch under the fold at the top of the channel so that the wooden dowel rod can be threaded through the channel behind the ribbon.
13. Color the dowel rod with the right wood stain. Let it dry completely before threading through the channel and hanging on the wall.