Beaded Rainbow Catcher

It's Christmas time! Create and catch rainbows all over your room of your house. This truly picturesque craft will bring your room alive, with every ray of the Sun.

Beaded Rainbow Catcher

Materials needed

  • Design template (provided here)
  • Extra thick film - 1 sheet.
  • Gold outliner - 1.
  • Hot stencil cutter - 1.
  • Clean water-based glass paint.
  • A fine paintbrush.
  • Beads (of transparent, pale pink, bright pink, gold, purple and blue color).
  • Silicone glue.
  • Round crystal (one that fits the hole in the design).
  • Nylon thread.
  • A pair of strong scissors (that can cut hard objects)

How to make

1. Peel the protective backing sheet off the extra thick film.

2. Put the design under the film and trace its shape using the gold outliner. Let the shape dry for sometime.
3. After it has dried, cut the shape out with the scissors you have.

4. Cut out the circle in the center of the design with a hot stencil cutter. A hole should be formed thus.
5. Place the crystal in the hole to see if it fits without falling right through.

6. Starting in the middle, apply clear paint into a few sections of the design (upto an inch from the middle) with the fine paintbrush. Take care not to brush paint on the golden outlined shape or the beads will stick to it and the gold would remain concealed.

7. Fold a rectangular strip of paper in half. Drop the beads into this and pour them little by little onto the paint.
8. Brush paint into the remaining sections and pour beads onto them.

9. Now that all the sections are covered, pour some clear paint over all the beads to help hold them in position. Allow the paint to dry in room temperature for about an hour.

10. Starting from the end of the transparent bead arrangement, paint another half inch in a similar way. Add the pale pink beads, pour paint on them and leave to dry.

11. Next add the gold beads, followed by the purple beads and finally, the blue beads. Keep the structure aside to dry completely.

12. Gently lift the beaded film and place over a cup (the center of the film should rest on the mouth of the cup).
13. Place the crystal in the hole.
14. Pour some silicone glue into a plastic bag. Make a small hole in the bottom of the bag and squeeze to apply glue around the base of the crystal so that the glue dries to hold the crystal and the film together.
15. When the glue dries, turn the whole structure over (so that the crystal is inside the cup) and apply silicone glue onto the back of the crystal as before. Leave to dry.

16. Remove a bead and form a hole at the top of the rainbow catcher. Pass the nylon thread through it and tie the ends into a knot. Hang the rainbow catcher from anywhere you like. When sun shines through the crystal, you will find rainbows appearing all over the walls of the room you hang the structure in.