Dried Fruit and Spicies Wreath

Turn fruits and spices to a wonderful Christmas wreath. An innovative way to craft a unique Christmas wreath

Dried Fruit and Spicies Wreath

Materials needed

  • Red and green apples - 2-3.
  • Oranges - 2.
  • Baby sweet corn - 1.
  • Chilli peppers - A handful.
  • Florist's wires - 2.
  • Garden moss.
  • Glue gun.
  • Raffia string - A long piece(about 8").

How to make

1. Make your own dried fruits and vegetables. Cut the fruits (apples and oranges) into slices. Place them on a baking sheet in a warm oven for a few hours. You can also place these out in the open to sun-dry for several days. Dry the sweet corn and chilli papers in the same manner."

2. Fasten three or four chilli peppers together with one end of the wire. Pass these down through the center of an orange slice, using the wire ends to attach them.

3. Form the wire into a circle of 25 cm (10") diameter. Pass it through the center of the sliced fruit pieces.
4. Attach moss onto the wire with glue, fixing them between every two fruit pieces. Give it some time to dry.

5. Cut the other wire into small strips and use them to fasten the sweet corn and peppers around the moss covered circular wire. The arrangement should be according to the angle you want to create. You have created your wreath.
6. Pass a long piece of raffia string around the wire and tie it into a loop. Use this to hang the wreath from any place you.