Holly and Ivy Garland

A holly garland craft for you to make your Merry Christmas wonderful. Bring some ivy and holly branches together to create this festive garland.

Holly and Ivy Garland

Materials needed

  • Garland cylinders - 4.
  • A block of florist's foam.
  • Holly and ivy branches.
  • A sharp knife.
  • A newspaper.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • A long narrow ribbon strip.
  • Florist's wire.
  • Wrapping paper - 2 or 3.

How to make

1.Cut the foam block into two equal pieces. Trim these to fit into each cylinder.
2.Clip and hook the cylinders together.

3. Cut off the required lengths from the holly and the ivy branches. Trim each of these to get stalks of about 4 cm (1½") length.
4. Use the knife to sharpen one end of each of the stalks. Insert a little the sharp ended stalks into the florist's foam.

5. Form a garland shape with the holly and ivy. Let several strands of ivy hang to give the garland a natural look.

6. Fold the newspaper and cut into 5 cm(2") wide strips. Roll each of these strips into a sausage like shape. Fasten these with clear adhesive tape to make a roll that will form the inner core.
7. Cut a part of the wrapping paper into 12 cm (5") strips.

8. Arrange the wrapping paper strips around the newspaper roll to form a firecracker shape. Hold these in place by winding the ribbon twice round the items and tying its ends in a bow. Trim the extra paper to give the cracker ends a neat effect.

9. Thread florist's wire behind the ribbon bows and then twist tightly to make a spear shape. Poke it into the florist's foam base to hold the crackers amidst the garland leaves.