Christmas Wreath Card

Get some ideas for making a Christmas paper greeting card with a Christmas wreath on it. A special craft for your near and dear ones. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Christmas Wreath Card

Materials needed

  • Glossy red card.
  • Colorful fabric strips.
  • Sewing machine.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Embroidery thread.
  • Gold pen.
  • Double wool thread/Ribbon.
  • How to make

    1. Cut a strip (9" x 7") out of the glossy red card. Score it and fold about 5" across.
    2. Cut 4 pieces (each about 12" x 1") out of the fabric strips.
    3. Fold the strips longitudinally and sew 3 mm.
    4. Let some of the thread hang at the end. Pass it through a bodkin.

    5. Thread a length of double wool through each tube. Use pins to fix the tube ends to a firm surface.
    6. Place four strands over the left hand. Take the left strand over two middle strands and the right strand over one. Go on doing this till the end.
    7. Round these off into a circle. Cross over the ends and stitch to keep in place. Trim and form the ends into a bow.

    8. Use the embroidery thread to tie the ends. Form into a knot and trim.
    9. Use the gold pen to mark an arched border. Stitch the finished wreath to middle of the card, sewing through the back.
    10. Bind the thread into a knot. Trim and smoothen with glue.