Colorful Christmas Card

Create this colorful Christmas card by stitching. This can be done under an adult supervision. After making the handmade craft send it to your friends or near and dear ones. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Colorful Christmas Card

Materials needed

  • Template
    (provided here)
  • Tracing paper - 1 piece (6" x 4").
  • Smooth pink card blank - 1 piece (6" x 4").
  • Star hobby punch.
  • Dressmaker's pin.
  • Sharp embroidery needle.
  • Lime green stranded embroidery handle.
  • Purple flat sequins.
  • White opalescent star sequin.

How to make

1. Place the template over the tracing paper piece and trace the design.
2. Place the paper over the card. Punch out the star shape from the card.

3. Pin to make holes through the card at the points marked on the template.

4. Pass a long length of embroidery thread through the needle and tie its ends into a knot.
5. Insert the needle through the back of the top left-hand hole of the card and pull it to the front until the knot prevents further entry.

6. Pass the needle down through the top right-hand hole to make one stitch. Bring it back through the next left-handle hole. Thread on a sequin and then pass it down through the parallel right-hand hole.

7. Pass the needle through each hole, threading on a sequin at each stitch. When you are done with all the holes, the tree will be complete.
8. Fix the loose end of the thread with the knot behind the back of the card. Close the card.
9. Attach the star sequin with glue to the inner back of the card through the star hole.