Embossed Tree Card

Here is an idea for making elegant embossed Christmas tree card. Design this classy card yourself for your special ones this Xmas. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Embossed Tree Card

Materials needed

  • Permanent black ink pad.
  • A Christmas tree stamp.
  • Metal foil - 1 strip.
  • Embossing tool.
  • Self-adhering diamond dots.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Dark green mulberry paper.
  • White mulberry paper.
  • Fine paintbrush.
  • Water.
  • Gold ink pad.
  • Heat gun.
  • Ruler.
  • White blank card.
  • Clear adhesive.

How to make

1. Stamp the tree design onto the metal foil with the black ink pad.
2. Clean the stamp at once and leave the ink to dry completely.
3. Using the thin end of the embossing tool, draw over all the lines on the stamped side of the foil.

4. Flip over the foil. Work into the inner sections of the tree with the thick end of the embossing tool, so that they are pushed to the other way and stand out on the right side.
5. Start by working along the edges of the lines embossed initially. Then work across the sections.

6. Using the thin end of the embossing tool, create a pattern of dots around the tree on the stamped foil side. The dots can be created in lines or swirls to complement the stamp shape.

7. Glue a diamond dot onto each of the raised baubles on the raised tree.

8. Tape the foil to the white mulberry paper strip.
9. Using a wet paintbrush, draw a line around the foil. Tear the paper.
10.Form a fringe by pulling out the fibres.
11. Repeat the process with the green mulberry paper strip. This will form a double mount.

12. Emboss some trees onto vellum using the gold ink pad and embossing powder.
13. Tear a strip, about 3 cm wide, off the embossed vellum.
14. Apply glue onto the back of the vellum strip. Paste it to the left-hand side of the card, near the fold.

15. Paste double-sided tape to the back of the foil panel. Remove the paper backing and stick the panel to the card, just overlapping the edge of the vellum.

16. Tear a narrow strip off the front and back edges of the card.

17. Lightly brush clear adhesive onto the torn edges. Sprinkle gold embossing powder on top. Melt the powder with a heat gun.
NOTE: Since glue bubbles when heated, the thicker the glue you use, the more textured will be the embossing.