The Friendly Snowman Card

Call it Yeti or call it Bigfoot. This snowman is a darling, for it will carry your Christmas wishes to your special ones. Paper snowman cards for this season. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of the Friendly Snowman Card

Materials needed

  • A piece of colored card
    (dimensions 22" x 10").
  • A piece of film.
  • A paper strip.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A lead pencil.
  • Chinagraph pencils - 2, one red and one white.
  • A silver pen.
  • Double-sided tape.

How to make

1. Snip the left hand side of the card to allow light shine through the window.
2. Cut off a strip, slightly smaller than the folded card.
3. Draw snowman and trees onto the paper.
4. Lay the paper under the film. Draw the outline of snowman and trees on the right side.

5. Reverse the film. Use the white chinagraph pencil to color the trees and snowman.

6. Turn back the film onto the right side.
7. Use the red chinagraph pencil to draw in the scarf and nose.
8. Use the silver pen to draw the face details.
9. Stick the film to the inside of the card using double-sided tape.
10. Attach a silver star in some place inside the card where it can be seen shining through window.