Fern Patterned Vase

Etch a glass vase to a Christmas theme, using a fern leaf. You can also use any other coniferous leaf if you want to. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Fern Patterned Vase

Materials needed

  • Tall clear glass vase (about 10").
  • Methylated spirits.
  • Pressed leaves/ferns.
  • Spray mount.
  • Glass etching spray.

How to make

1. Wash the vase thoroughly with water. Leave to dry for sometime.
2. Wipe its surface with methylated spirits. This will let the etching spray stick well to the glass surface.

3. Keep the glass vase in a well-aired room. Spray the top side of the fern leaves with spray mount.
4. Carefully stick the leaves to the outer surface of the vase. See that every part of the leaves adhere to the glass surface.

5. Moisten the vase (with leaves) with three coats of etching spray as per the manufacturer's tips.
6. Let the vase dry for 5 minutes between applications.

7. Peel off the fern leaves after you have allowed the vase to dry for an hour. Gently wash away any leaf bit that has got left behind (do not use a dishwasher, only hand).