Ivy Candle Ring

Make this Christmas candle ring with ivy leaves and branches. A wonderful craft idea to decorate your dinner tables. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Ivy Candle Ring

Materials needed

  • A circular cake base.
  • Ivy strands.
  • Drawing pins.
  • Stems of freesia.
  • White candles (of varying heights).
  • Green candles (of varying heights).
  • Modeling clay.
  • A long piece of thread (cut into pieces)

How to make

1. Fix some ivy strands on the edge of the cake base with drawing pins.
2. Add more strands and bunches of ivy to form a bushy ring, leaving only a little space in the middle.
3. Pass the freesia stems through the ivy leaves and fasten them to the strands with the thread pieces.

4. Secure the white and green candles over the cake base with modeling clay.
5. Light the candles on Christmas eve evening and watch the celebrations begin!