Santa Napkin Rings

Create these santa napkin holders craft for your festival dinner table decoration and let Santa be in charge of your napkins at your dinner table.

Santa Napkin Rings

Materials needed

  • Template
    (provided here)
  • White imitation fur strip.
  • A long freshly colored felt strip.
  • A red colored felt strip.
  • Craft eyes or beads.
  • A handful small bells.
  • Thread.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Glue.
  • A needle.

How to make

1.Cut out from the white fur fabric a similar shape as the template.
2.Cut out a strip (2¼" by 1¾") from the colored felt.
3.Cut out a strip (6" by ½") from the red felt.
4.Paste the colored felt strip centrally across the back of the hole (formed out of cutting of the strip) on the fur fabric. This will form your Santa face.

5.Use glue to paste the red felt 6. Glue on the face the two small eyes/beads. Cut out a small (1/4 " by 1/4 ") red felt strip and stick it as nose.
7.Fold back the side panels to make a ring shape. Overlap these by about 1/2 " and stick together with glue.
8.Stitch a bell to one side of the red band.