Woven Table Setting

A table setting tuned to the Christmas theme. Make this woven table setting as a table decoration for your festival dinner. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Woven Table Setting

Materials needed

  • Cartridge paper.
  • Sticky-backed velour fabric.
  • Craft knife.
  • Green and white paper ribbon.
  • Gold and silver crepe paper.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Florist's wire.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A ruler.
  • A pencil.
  • A craft knife.

How to make

1. Using the ruler and pencil, mark a rectangular area (dimensions 37 X 27 cm ) on the cartridge paper. Cut it out.
2. Draw a 1" border all round the rectangular cutout piece.
3. Cut out a piece from the sticky-backed velour fabric and peel off the backing paper.
4. Paste the velour fabric on the center of the rectangular strip.
5. Use a craft knife to cut through the lines drawn (refer the picture alongside).
6. Fold overlapping fabric over and stick down.

7. Weave the green and white paper ribbons through the strips you have cut, passing the ends under the border.
8. Turn over gold and silver crepe paper into narrow strips and weave over the green and white ribbon.
9. Use a little double sided tape at both ends of the strips to secure them in place.
10. Trim away the excess paper. Use sticky-backed velour fabric to cover the underside of the mat.

11. Apply your scissors to cut out a square shaped (6½") coaster mat from the cartridge paper.
12. Draw a border for the table mat on the cartridge paper. Cut it out and weave with two lengths of each color.
13. Cover the back of the table mat border with sticky-backed velour fabric.

14. Cut out a strip (dimensions 6½" by 2½") from cartridge paper to make the napkin ring. Draw a ½" border all round the cartridge strip and divide into ½" pieces. Cover these with sticky-backed velour fabric and cut into strips like before.
15. Weave green ribbon and silver or gold crepe through the incisions and hold in place with tape.
16. Cut a fabric piece or the backing and tape in place.

17. Tape the two ends of the ring.
19. Form a small bow shape from folded gold crepe paper. Fix it across the white bow with double-sided tape.
20. Tape the finished bow over the junction in the napkin ring.