Gift ideas and traditions in Christmas

"...I couldn't have lived through
Christmas without giving you a present..."

Gifts and Traditions

True to the spirit of O. Henry's classic short story, we can hardly think of a Christmas without Gifts.
Christmas is a unique festival of merry making and gift-giving. The tradition of giving gifts in this season owes its origin to the Magi who came from the east of Jerusalem to greet the Babe in the manger with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The Magi were wise men and their gifts were emblematic of tribute, worship and death - of Christ considered as King, God and the sacrificial Victim.

Though Magi are associated more with the Feast of Epiphany on January 6, they can be regarded as the pioneer in gift-giving tradition following the birth of Jesus.

In America gift giving has come to be associated with the Christmas not long ago. It came in with the introduction of St. Nicholas in America by the early Dutch settlers. But, giving gifts at New Year was a common practice, specially among the English and the French settlers. But the combined German and Dutch influences in time caused all gift-giving to be carried out at Christmas.

New York has had through the years a close association with X'mas gift giving tradition. This tradition was more inspired by many writers and artists who've had glorified the gift-giving culture along with the Santa. And it had been New York with which all their works could somehow be attributed. From Dr. Clement Clark Moore to cartoonist Thomas Nast, Washington Irving to O' Henry all happened to be a New Yorker. Even Charles Dickens read his "A Christmas Carol" in N.Y.

Gift Ideas

Gifts can be classic, gifts can be wacky, but loveable and memorable are the ones which are funny, clever, convenient and useful.

Christmas gifts embrace so much of variety, it's amazing to see their range and diversity.
With so many things to gift with, most of us turn into a confused lot pondering over. Which gift would be apt? Which one is to be given to the near and dear ones, to businesses and bosses, to clients and colleagues and..., well your head starts reeling.

So don't let ideas take over you. Keep your head cool. Chill out with some perky holiday music. Get a beverage, get your Christmas list ready, clear your head, and here you go!

We have worked on some gift ideas and idea-lines for the festive season of Christmas. Hope you will find them handy and nifty as well.

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As simple as a bunch of nice flowers, or a basket of season's fruits; a box of candy or a pack of chocolates; a piece of toy or a rare species of sprouting plant; an item of trivia or an object d'art; sheer utilities like a set of cutlery or something that pampers luxury like a box of jewelry...The list can go on and on. However, it ultimately rests on the tastes of both the gift-giver and the recipient's, the background of their relationship, along with their age and the social background. And also remember, gifts might not necessarily be rich and glamorous in their worldly possession, but make sure that they're rich at heart.

The idea bulb:

Take a pencil and a rough pad. Try to virtually out guess the receipt. Toy with every feasible liking of your gift-takers. Are they sport lovers or hikers? Keen on new dresses or shoes? Theater or movie buffs? Party hoppers or getaway seekers? Art lovers or cool on crafts? Connoisseurs of classical or contemporaries? Habitual readers or glossy pickers?

Still confused? Be more specific:

* whether they have any special hobby or interest.
* whether any of their relatives or friends could help me find more about them.
* whether there is an event, theater, etc... they would like to go
* whether they would like to visit or see something else e.g. the nature park, the local zoo, the museum.
* whether they would enjoy seeing any sports event.
* whether there is some sport they would like to try or do themselves.
* whether there is some special food item and of some special brand (if any) they would like have on the occasion.
* whether there is something special that they talk about, but never buy for themselves?
* whether they are growing. Do they need clothes? Shoes? Teddies and cuddly dolls? Learning toys? books?
* whether there is a magazine you could give as a gift. Yearly subscription?
* whether they have been asked to recommend gifts that they need or want? If no, ask.
* whether there is a personal item you could create, that they would enjoy having.
* whether you can help them purchase something that they need.

Well, Have you thought about these options? If yes, now you should have ideas abound. If you still are nail biting, a Gift Certificate is always an option.

Great is also the idea of gifting a ticket to a favorite sporting event - may be a football or baseball match to ride the crest of excitements; or an entertainment show - like a movie or concert and, of course, to a theater show, if it agrees with the receiver's choice and matches your affordability.

Well, to top it all, send and recommend this section of theHolidaySpot to your friend(s) anywhere on earth with a customized message of your own. Just to let them realize the way you do care for your friends and friendship.

Oh! Well, we've got yet another thing ready for you to surprise your friend in other parts of the world - pick up from Xmas cheer around the world & wish your friends in the language of the country they live. They will love it for sure.

And here's something for the next X-mas: Keep good records of gifts you've given to avoid duplication.

Now the final decision and time to unleash your Xmas shopping spree:

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