Christmas Poems

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Christmas Poetry

The Christmas Thing
A Christmas Poem by Jane Merchant

My grandmother sat
On Christmas morning
Mending overalls.
A tall tree glittered,
A hen was roasting,
And the room was merry
With dolls and balls,
So why was she mending
The air is magic
On Christmas morning
And it isn't a time
For doing chores.
We had given her
A brooch that glittered
After anxious searchings
Of ten cent stores
So why was she working
At everyday chores?
I didn't know then
But I learned much later
That Christmas magic
Goes through and through
The fabric of living
Love, threading her needle,
Made mending
The Christmas-thing to do.

That Midnight Hour

The Virgin Mother kneels upon the floor 
And holds her baby in her arm, 
Her heart is gladder than her lips can say, 
To keep her new born baby snug and warm, 
A babe more sweet and fair and dear 
Than any rose bud in the bright sunshine, 
Whose little eyes look straight into her own, 
O, blessed maid, God's son is also thine. 
Twas holy midnight, when He came to earth: 
As pours a sun ray through a limpid glass, 
Not leaving any mark upon its face; 
A drop of dew upon the fresh green grass, 
A little star that fell upon her lap, 
A cooing babe, that seeks her virgin breast. 
The hopes of all the sin-cursed world 
Upon this baby's eyelids rest. 
And ever since the midnight hour is holy, 
And millions of human hearts are stirred 
To wonderment and love for Him who came, 
To save the world, God's own incarnate Word. 
He came in darkness, He who was The Light, 
His godhead shone from clear blue baby eyes, 
The curse of earth's first sin was lifted then, 
That midnight hour reopened paradise.

The Gift of god 

There was seen a radiance 
Glowing one night 
Near the little maiden Mary 
In blue and white. 
"Lilies are not fairer, 
"Roses more red, 
Than the Child she sings to slumber," 
An angel said. 
So the shepherds ventured 
Through the white cold, 
And their eyes beheld the Infant, 
An hour old. 
Long they gazed and wondered, 
Awkward in awe, 
At the paramount perfection 
Within their straw. 
"Diamonds are but trifles! 
"Rubies no gem!" 
Cried the hearts that slaved for pittance 
Near Bethlehem. 
So it was forever, 
After the night 
When the little maiden Mary 
Wore blue and white.

- by Del "Abe" Jones

They came to pray, on Christmas Day
When, the Christ Child was born -
They came to see, Virgin Mary
Bear hope for the forlorn.

Some from afar, followed that star
Though why, they were not sure -
At great expense, brought frankincense -
And gifts of spice and myrrh.

They gathered 'round, as if spellbound -
Their eyes lit by the glow -
For, from the bed, o'er Jesus' head
There was a bright halo.

That Child did things, to poor and kings
With the gaze of His eye -
He gave some hope, helped others cope
And some, He made them cry.

Down on their knees, they said, "Lord, please
Stop pain and suffering.
Make all on Earth, of the same worth
With the joy, that you can bring."

"Please teach of love, from God above
Shared, by each fellow man.
Show us the way, what we must say
To fit, the Heavenly plan."

He tried for years, to end mans' fears -
Brought miracles each day -
He taught His word, (not always heard)
And for our souls, He'd pray.

But, it seems greed, had sown its' seed
For some, 'twas much too late.
And though He cared and, always shared
The Cross had sealed His fate.

Now, all mankind, for being blind
Must someday, pass the test.
But, if lived right, both day and night
Mans' future could be blessed.

So Christmas Day, take time to pray
To bow your head and see
That God above, will send His love
For all eternity.

- by Del "Abe" Jones

My Christmas tree still grows
In the forest 'neath the sky
Branches bowed with decorations
Unseen by the naked eye
The kinds of ornaments
You can't buy in any store
Made from recollections
From Christmases of yore
Nights spent until wee hours
Putting those toys together
Going out late for batteries
Into the wintry weather
The flushed, excited faces
The wide eyes filled with glee
Some old memories of those times
When that excited child was me
Friends and family dropping by
With loads of Christmas cheer
When leaving, shouting wishes
To wish, a "Happy New Year"
Some memories of quiet eves
In front of a cracklin' fire
A hot toddy, maybe two
Before this Santa'd retire
But friends and family move
And some may really go away
But they've a place in my heart
Christmas Eve and Christmas day
For now those kids of yesteryear
They suddenly are grown
They find mates, get married
Have families of their own
Those Christmas decorations
Need not sparkle and shine
For memories bring a beauty
Of a very special kind

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