Christmas Prayers for those who work on Christmas Day

Prayer For those who work on Christmas Day

Lord, as I spend today going about my work,
help me to put aside any bitterness
that I'm not celebrating at home with loved ones.
I ask you, Loving Father,
to give me a special sense of your presence as I meet people,
that I may shed on them the light of the Bethlehem Star,
the Spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Prayer - Going to Work

Loving God, on this sacred day, I am going to work. There is something special about working on Christmas, when so many others are home with loved ones. My work today might even have a wondrous sense of service and necessity. But it doesn’t always feel noble and inside me there is a struggle: I wish I could stay home. Help me to feel missioned by you today. Let me recognize the unique way my co-workers and I are called to serve our brothers and sisters. Let me take just a moment in this quiet to feel your deep love for me. May I carry that sense of peace with me as the light of your love, shining on everyone I come in contact with today. Thank you.

Christmas Prayer

Lord, we pause to remember those who must work today.
As we spend our day in celebration, let us be mindful of these others who are serving us.
Help us to support them and remember them,
And turn our hearts toward them with gratitude.
We ask you, Loving Father, to extend a special sense of your presence
to the people they will meet today in their line of work.
May they shed on them the light of the Bethlehem Star
and the spirit of Christmas. Amen.

A Workplace Prayer

Samantha Blue
Colossians 3:17

Lord thank you for creating me and giving me the abilities I need to work. Help me remember that I'm really working for You. When I need to stand up for You and the truth, give me the courage I need. Lift up my co-workers who need prayer, and use me to build them up. Let me listen intently to Your voice, and let all that I do glorify you. Amen