Christmas Tree Cake

We all love to decorate a Christmas tree and now how about a Christmas tree shaped cake for Christmas dessert. Simple recipes for festive desserts.

Christmas Tree Cake

1) A Christmas-tree shaped cake.
2) Ready-to-roll fondant icing.
3) Green food colouring.
4) Icing sugar.
5) A few edible cale balls.
6) Tiny red ribbon bows.
7) A handful of glass-headed beads.
8) Tree decoration 'presents'.
9) Red wax candles - 9-10.

1) Knead the icing block into a ball. Add in some green food colouring and continue to knead.

2) Lay the coloured icing on a smooth flat surface and spread out. Sprinkle some icing and sugar on the working area to keep the icing from sticking.

3) Roll the icing sheet carefully over the rolling pin and unroll it onto the cake.

4) Shape the icing around the cake. Keep your hands wet to smooth out any cracks.

5) Using the picture as a reference, add rows of edible cake balls in an arc to look like garlands draped across the tree.

6) Carefully place the tiny red ribbon bows over the cake (refer picture for the arrangement). If you like, you can use a glass-headed pin to hold the bows in place but take them away for sure before you serve.

7) Arrange an assortment of tiny Christmas presents around the bottom of the tree for decoration.

8) Press red wax candles into the icing around the tree edges for a fine finish.